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#1 Event App  •  7,000,000 Attendees  •  5,000+ Event Planners  •  40 Countries

#1 Event App

5,000,000 Attendees

5,000+ Event Planners

40 Countries

Why More Event Planners Choose EventMobi

Simple Technology and a Helping Hand

  • Accessible

    One-click access regardless of what smartphone or tablet your attendees use. After that, they can access your event app, online or offline.


    No instruction necessary, your event app has been expertly designed so attendees can find the information they need in two clicks or less.


    All your event technology available to attendees on one platform. Agenda, surveys, networking and so much more, at your attendees’ fingertips.

  • Go Green

    Reduce printing and work towards the 100% paperless event. In time, you’ll even win over the paper and pen crowd.


    À la carte pricing means you only purchase the features and services you need for your event. Starts <$1,000.

    New Revenue

    With all eyes on your event app, sponsors will be vying for all the exposure opportunities you can provide.

  • Limitless Control

    Last minute change to the agenda? No-show speaker? Instantly edit and update your app directly through the Content Manager.


    Extend your organization’s branding through to the mobile experience easily adding your branding and color scheme.


    Make informed decisions with hard numbers and post-event reporting on everything from page views to unique attendee activity.

The Most Comprehensive Feature Set Available

You Decide Exactly What Your Event App Needs

Powerful Branding & Customization

Powerful Branding & Customization

Analytics You've Only Dreamt Of

Analytics You've Only Dreamt Of

Limitless Sponsor Opportunities

Limitless Sponsor Opportunities

Easy Last Minute Changes & Updates

Easy Last Minute Changes & Updates

Personalized Attendee Dashboard

Personalized Attendee Dashboard

Private In-App Chat

Private In-App

Real-time Polls & Surveys

Polls & Surveys

Engaging Event Games

Event Games

Unrivaled Support, Unparalleled Service

Our Team is Your Team

App Setup

It only takes a few minutes to get started. After your initial training, you’ll be an event app pro.

Expert Team

Give us a call. You have event professionals on the other end waiting to help you and your attendees make the most of your event app.

Call, Email, Live Chat

Stay connected with the Support Team, ask questions, and learn how event technology can create a better experience for your attendees

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Your 2015 Ultimate Guide to Event App Marketing does just that. This free tool is here to guide you through all the stages of marketing your event app!

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