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Engage_attendees_personalizationApple’s Review Guideline Changes: What You Need to Know

At EventMobi, our mission is to empower event planners and marketers to provide the most engaging event experience for their attendees.  To that end, we pride ourselves on offering the most customizable event apps in the industry. It is with those … Read more »

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Engage_event_attendeesBeyond the paperless agenda: Savvy event profs know event apps power engagement

When planners first started using event apps almost a decade ago now, they primarily used them as a paperless way to deliver the agenda and important event information to their attendees.

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150 Days of Action: Celebrating Canada’s Milestone Anniversary

We are delighted today to announce a new program to commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday that encourages EventMobi employees (Mobiers) to give back to their communities. The 150 Days of Action program will provide 150 days for Mobiers to use to volunteer for … Read more »

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Engage_event_attendeesEvent Personalization: Creating the Ultimate Event Experience

While customer-centricity is definitely not a new concept for event professionals, attendee personalization is something that is just in its infancy. In a recent Forrester report, analyst Laura Ramos identifies event personalization as one of the top ways to make … Read more »

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Cool Venue Alert! Roll out the red carpet for your attendees

Event planners are on an endless search for new and exciting ways to engage attendees and create event experiences that will stand out. And it’s no surprise that an important part of making an event successful is choosing the right venue. … Read more »

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