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Popular Periscopes get Push NotificationsHow Crowdsourced Live-Streaming Will Change Events Forever

If you thought Twitter was “instant”, try again. Until recently, live streaming from your event meant having an A/V crew set up the camera, lighting, and sound, with a rigid schedule in place; a major investment of time and money. Those days are over. Now there’s an app for that.

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Conference App8 Tips to Creating a More Personal Event Experience

Connecting with each other is the central focus of any event. Whether you’re trying to rally people behind a cause, bridge the gap between businesses and potential clients, or educate a group of industry professionals, your task as a planner is to identify an audience and create the perfect vehicle for valuable, relevant content. Read more »

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3 Simple Tips You Can Use to Turn Your Session Q&A On Its Head

If the recent exodus from paper show guides to event apps is any sign, certain aspects of your event may soon be broken by the sheer pace of innovation. “Move fast and break things” is the darling phrase of innovators everywhere, and in the event planning space, this is no different. Read more »

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How Much Should You Charge For Your Event App Sponsorship Package?

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event-app-customizationBig & Bold: Top Custom Event Apps of 2014

In 2014, we hit an incredible milestone: over 7,000 event apps created using EventMobi. The part we love most: each and every conference app had its own look, it’s own feel, it’s own twist. As the planner in charge, you decide exactly what your attendees experience. To celebrate innovative conference app creators in our industry, we’ve created the 2015 Ultimate Guide to Event App Customization featuring best practices, tips and tricks on mobile design and user experience for conference attendees. And remember, the vast majority of event planners using EventMobi have little or no previous design experience – just see the magic they can pull off with easy click-and-drag app creation! Read more »

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