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profile-mobiMobi’s Journal: My Rip-Roarin’ Adventures as the 1st Robo-Attendee at IMEX America 2013

What a week at IMEX America! The bustling show floor, the bright lights of Vegas, a bumpin’ night at Rendezvous – for my first big trade show in the event industry, it was quite an experience – truly unforgettable. Read more »

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Jeannie and MobiSay Hello to Mobi: The First Robotic Attendee at IMEX America 2013

EventMobi is excited to continue their tradition of embracing cutting-edge technology by bringing a revolutionary new robotic tool for event interaction to the IMEX America 2013 event this year.  “Mobi,” as the robot is affectionately called by the EventMobi team, will allow multiple participants from around the world to freely, physically roam the actual IMEX floor, attend sessions, and even mix and mingle with other attendees without leaving their offices.  It’s virtual to the nth degree. Read more »

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dn_iconDirect Notification™ Lets Planners Send Messages to Targeted Groups of Attendees

Remember that old saying “You can’t please everyone”? Working with thousands of event planners, we know that this just doesn’t fly in the industry.

Last month we introduced the new attendee-to-attendee private chat to improve networking for attendees; now we’d like to share our new Direct Notification™ system, a unique communication channel that lets planners connect with specific groups of attendees. Read more »

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Event App ProfileAn Event App Comparison: The Same Conference, Native App vs. Web App vs. EventMobi

Editor’s Note: EventMobi now offers new native app services! While we’re excited to make it easy for planners to launch their event apps in all 4 app stores, we maintain that offline-capable, web-based event apps are the easiest, fastest way to connect everyone at your event. The addition of native app services will allow event apps to be available in app stores just in case attendees search there!

The question always comes up, native app or web app for your conference? We say both. EventMobi brings together the power and offline capability of native apps with the ease of web apps. No need to go one way or the other. Here’s why.

Read more »

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Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 8.13.56 PMLong Live the Hallway Conversations, Introducing Attendee Networking [Video]

Traditionally, meeting the right person at a conference or trade show is sheer luck. Small talk before a session starts and clever remarks at the lunch buffet is usually how it goes; ultimately, our network is limited to those close by. That’s why we’ve created Attendee Networking™, a new, unique module within the EventMobi conference app where attendees can expand their network by browsing the profiles, interests, and social media feeds of other attendees. Read more »

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