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Mobile Event App Advertising for Event Planners

So far in the Ultimate Guide to Event App Sponsorship series, we’ve covered strategies to consider before the time comes to take action. Now, that time has come. In this article, we’ll get our hands dirty by talking about mobile event app advertising tactics. In our previous post in the Sponsorship Super Series, we discussed how to make your sponsorship packages more appealing. Now that you’ve structured your packages like a pro and you’ve painted a rosy picture of what your sponsors can achieve, it’s time to deliver on your promises. Below, you’ll find some industry best practices you can employ to wow your next sponsor. Lets start with a quick run-through of the types of content you can use to advertise on your event app. Read more »

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Free Download Now Available: The 2015 Ultimate Guide to Event App Marketing

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4 Can’t-Miss Elements of a Successful Event App Sponsorship Package

In our last post, we talked about strategies to structure and promote your sponsorship package. That’s a big step but a well-developed sponsorship package is only the beginning! To help you your sponsorship, here are four great ways to pique the interest of your sponsors and get them to sign on the dotted line.

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Event App Promotion StrategyA Crash Course On Event App Sponsorship Strategy: Sponsorship Packaging 101

To follow up on our first post of the Ultimate Guide to Event App Sponsorship, in this post we’ll give you tips on how to structure your sponsorship package. Read on to discover how to develop your best sponsorship opportunity yet! Read more »

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mpi-chairmans-award-courtney-stanleyEventMobi Staff Win Two Global Event Industry Awards

We absolutely love working with established industry organizations thanks to their relentless pursuit of education and moving the event industry forward with new ideas, practices, and technology. So when those organizations turn around and recognize our team’s mission, we get a little flustered and blush. Read more »

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