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6 Simple Strategies to Increase Event App Usage

In the 1989 film Field of Dreams, a voice tells Kevin Costner, “build it and they will come”. That might work in the movies, but it definitely won’t work for your next event app!

If you’re investing the time, energy, and money into an app, consider your promotion strategy as an essential aspect of that project. Don’t rely on attendees stumbling out of a cornfield on to your event app, it’s not going to happen. Use channels, old and new to create buzz, to engage, and to offer attendees an experience they’ll never forget!

To reach the full potential of your mobile masterpiece, you’ll need to do some serious promotions both before and during your event. Here are six ways to get your mobile event app the exposure it needs: Read more »

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9 Ways to Entice Sponsors With Your Mobile Event App

If you’re hosting a corporate event or an association conference & tradeshow, and looking for ways to create new revenue streams and sponsorship opportunities, a mobile event app might be just what you need! Mobile event app usage by attendees is consistently topping 50% and even 90% at some events in recent months, which has sponsors falling over each other for the chance to gain exposure with them.

The opportunity to monetize your mobile event app is huge, especially with sponsors who are holding exhibitions at your event. You don’t need to become a savvy tech-geek to do it. Let us walk you through nine simple ways to raise the value of your event app for your sponsors and exhibitors while spicing up your existing sponsorship package with new offerings. Read more »

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New Expo Marketing Strategy Gamifies QR Code to Increase Foot Traffic and Sponsorship

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s (HIMSS) Annual Conference & Exhibition is the second-largest medical trade show, with an expected number of 35,000 attendees and 1100 exhibitors this year. HIMSS has gained a reputation for being the first to push out the latest technology and marketing solutions in the event industry, and this year they are demonstrating the versatility of mobile event apps by using it as a marketing tool to drive foot traffic to their top exhibitors’ booth.

Read more »

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Using Gamification to Better Engage Event Attendees

Engaging members at events and conferences is at the core of every association, regardless if that engagement is online or face to face. Association event planners are acutely aware of the power of engagement and are constantly challenged to build opportunities for networking and learning at events and conferences. In recent years, technology has been the medium of choice to accomplish this, and games deployed via web-based or mobile applications have been shown to be very effective. “Gamification” is a buzzword garnering a lot of attention in this area, and for good reason. Read more »

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Google Maps Goes IndoorGoogle Maps Goes Indoors: Is Your Hotel, Convention Indoor Map on There?

We have all been waiting for this, haven’t we? Google has already mapped every street, store and corner of the globe and now indoor maps are the next logical step. Just imagine, Google men with giant 360 degree cameras on their shoulders will soon be running through your hotel or convention centre to map your indoor space 🙂 Well not quite! Read more »

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