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The power of community and conversation

Just a few months ago I left ECTC in Minneapolis backhome to Toronto thinking I totally wasn’t expecting that! The interaction, the style, the content and most importantly the people I met, made the experience considerably different from other industry events. But how?

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Attendees Digital Expectations: Mobile

When it comes to events, the attendee experience is everything. Satisfied attendees will support your organization, do business with your sponsors, and, above all, will talk about their experience with others and make sure to attend next year’s event. So how do you keep attendees satisfied? Simply put it is meeting their needs and the reasons behind attending an event and exceeding their expectation from the quality of sessions and depth of speakers to the vibe of the venue and a hundred other things that keep event planners busy for months to get the details right. One part of the event experience that we have been dwelling for the past year and a half is attendees digital expectation. Read more »

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EventMobi blog is now live

After a year and half working on EventMobi, learning about the event industry and fine tuning how mobile can benefit attendees, sponsors and organizers; I think it’s about time we start blogging all we have learned, things that keeps us busy and our exciting to do list.

It’s been quite an experience thus far and we are looking forward to rolling out EventMobi and engaging the community…

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