Top 15 Event App Gamification Platforms to Engage Attendees

Event organizers are always looking for new and innovative ways to satisfy their ultimate goal: engage attendees and offer them an immersive event experience. Gamification is becoming an increasingly popular solution, stirring up excitement amongst attendees with game-like elements and challenges.

Research even shows that 89% of individuals would spend more time on an app if it included some elements of gamification. If you’re looking to increase event app usage and have attendees take charge of their own event experience, gamification is your solution.

To help you dive into this attendee engagement tactic, we’ll explore what event app gamification is and recommend the top platforms to consider.

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What Is Event App Gamification?

Event app gamification is the incorporation of game-like elements into event technology. It aims to engage attendees, increase event participation, and enhance the event experience.

This technique repurposes gaming tactics for an event context, inspiring friendly competition amongst attendees and incentivizing active event participation.

Ultimately, event app gamification makes events more fun for attendees. In turn, they’re more likely to remember your event and attend more in the future.

Key Features of Event Gamification Software

Just as most video games share similar elements, so do event gamification platforms. These are the main components of most event gamification software:

The key features of event gamification software, as outlined in the text below.
  • Challenges and objectives. Attendees can complete challenges and objectives during your event that relate to your overarching event goals. For example, you may strive to create networking opportunities and increase session attendance. To accomplish these goals, you can create relevant challenges that incentivize networking or attending certain sessions.
  • Points, badges, and leaderboards. As attendees conquer different objectives, they earn points and badges. Most platforms also use leaderboards that show how attendees are performing in relation to each other to stir up healthy competition.
  • Rewards. Gamification motivates attendees to complete challenges by offering them rewards. Depending on your organization’s preferences, these rewards can be event-specific, such as access to exclusive sessions or priority check-in, or more general, such as gift cards or branded merchandise.
  • Progress tracking. Many event app gamification platforms enable elements such as progress bars and other visual indicators that show how close attendees are to challenge completion. That way, they stay motivated to participate as the event progresses.
  • Games and activities. In addition to challenges, some platforms may offer quizzes, scavenger hunts, or puzzles that put attendees’ gaming skills to the test. These games make your event more fun and interactive to further engage attendees.

Before implementing an event app gamification solution, test out its features to ensure the platform is easy to use and will properly engage your attendees. Many providers allow you to schedule a demo so you can dive deeper into the platform before making a final decision.

Benefits of Event App Gamification

Besides making your event more fun, event app gamification offers the following benefits:

The benefits of event app gamification, as outlined in the text below.
  • Increased attendee engagement. Gamification transforms attendees from passive listeners to active participants in your event. When game-like elements are involved, they’re more likely to interact with your content and stay engaged during speaker sessions.
  • Memorable takeaways. Studies show that games can enhance memory and concentration. By introducing gamification into your events, you can reinforce the information attendees learn in sessions, increasing the chances that they’ll remember important content and obtain value from your event.
  • More networking. Events are the ultimate networking opportunity, but some attendees may be nervous to put themselves out there. Creating networking challenges incentivizes attendees to meet each other and form connections.
  • More valuable sponsorships. Make sponsorships worth their while with sponsored challenges or branded activities for attendees. That way, sponsors can increase brand awareness and engagement with attendees.
  • Better attendee insights. At the end of your event, you can analyze gamification data to learn more about attendee behaviors and preferences. For example, you can determine which types of challenges had the highest participation rates and apply those insights to your next event.
  • Higher return on investment (ROI). The challenges you create through gamification will support your event goals, whether you’re looking to generate leads, sell your product or services, or increase brand awareness. Attendee participation in these challenges will push your goals forward and boost your event’s return on investment.

When you incorporate event app gamification into your event planning strategy, all stakeholders benefit, including event organizers, sponsors, and attendees.

Top 15 Event App Gamification Platforms

Now that you understand how crucial gamification can be for attendee engagement and overall event experience, let’s check out the top 15 event app gamification platforms your organization could leverage.

1. EventMobi

EventMobi's homepage, which lists all of the features of this top event gamification software solution.

EventMobi’s Event App offers an array of gamification features to keep attendees engaged throughout your event:

  • Set up custom challenges with names, descriptions, point values, and rewards to make your event objectives your attendees’ priorities.
  • Then, attendees can compete to earn the most points and track their progress on the leaderboard.
  • With real-time updates and syncing, attendees can see how they measure up to other competitors on the leaderboard in their mobile App and on Live Displays.

Worried you won’t be able to set up successful challenges on your own? No problem! EventMobi has a dedicated Gamification Design Team that can develop your game concept and even attend your event on-site to ensure the game runs smoothly.

Customer Success Stories:

  • GO WEST used EventMobi’s event app gamification features to increase sponsor engagement. By only giving attendees event codes after they participated in certain challenges and activities, they ensured attendees were actively involved and interacted with sponsors.
  • TD Bank leveraged EventMobi’s Event App to create a networking game for their Diversity & Inclusion Event. Attendees enjoyed the game so much that they frequently asked the event organizers about EventMobi’s Event App and its features.
  • The Canadian Meeting + Events Expo took advantage of EventMobi’s gamification options to increase interactions between attendees and exhibitors. The app enabled them to add a “play to win” element to their event that made the experience more exciting and enjoyable for attendees.
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2. vFairs

vFairs' homepage

vFairs is an event management platform that features several event app gamification options, including leaderboards, scavenger hunts, trivia games, and Spin the Wheel. They also have integrations with Kahoot and Kumospace to offer quizzes, board games, and puzzles.

3. Webex Events

Webex Events' homepage

Webex Events implements gamification to foster attendee engagement through challenges. Attendees can earn rewards upon challenge completion or through random draws with their attendee drawing feature.

4. Whova

Whova's homepage

Whova’s event app gamification involves leaderboards and photo contests. With these features, they aim to boost attendee engagement and get participants excited about their event experience.

5. RingCentral

RingCentral's homepage

While RingCentral doesn’t provide gamification options directly within its event management platform, it has integrations with several gamification software providers. For example, RingCentral partners with Slido and Kahoot to gamify events.

6. Accelevents

Accelevents' homepage

Accelevents is an event management platform with a variety of event app gamification options, including pre-built or custom challenges, rewards, quizzes, and leaderboards. Their no-code challenge builder allows you to quickly launch challenges to increase attendee engagement.

7. Gamify

Gamify's homepage

Organizations can use Gamify to create custom, branded video games that allow them to capture leads and build positive brand associations at their events. However, this platform is not event-specific, so it doesn’t have any other event features.

8. Eventify

Eventify's homepage

Eventify encourages the use of its event app gamification features to motivate attendees to participate in event sessions. The platform enables organizations to create challenges, adjust the scoring scheme, and track attendees’ progress on a leaderboard.

9. SocialPoint

SocialPoint's homepage

SocialPoint offers many unique gamification options, including branded scavenger hunts, passport games, and live trivia. While attendees can play as individuals, they can also team up and track their success on the leaderboard.

10. Nunify

Nunify's homepage

Nunify’s event app gamification features allow attendees to gain points for their actions in the mobile event app, reach new levels, earn badges, and participate in contests. Organizations can choose whether they want to customize their event gamification or use the platform’s pre-built game rules.

11. BigMarker

BigMarker's homepage

BigMarker’s event platform incentivizes attendee engagement with a leaderboard and sponsor-provided prize packs. They offer gamification as an option to increase engagement during virtual events.

12. Canapii

Canapii's homepage

With Canapii’s event app gamification options, event organizers can choose from a list of 20+ challenge rules, create challenge names and descriptions, and assign point values. Attendees can use the app’s “My progress tab” to access the leaderboard and track how many points they’ve earned.

13. Kahoot

Kahoot's homepage

Kahoot allows event speakers to add quizzes and puzzles to their sessions that help attendees understand key takeaways. For virtual events, you can host a game via any video conferencing platform with no integrations required.

14. Loquiz

Loquiz's homepage

Loquiz offers quick-start game templates that you can implement for your next event. You can also use Loquiz Creator to develop and test custom games for your attendees.

15. Scavify

Scavify's homepage

Want to add a scavenger hunt to your event? Scavify is a gamification app that allows you to create interactive scavenger hunts that will engage your attendees during your next event.

Use Event App Gamification to Take Your Attendee Engagement to New Heights

With event app gamification, attendees have a more interactive, exciting event experience. As a result, you’ll see a higher event ROI and greater satisfaction from your sponsors.

With extensive gamification features and a dedicated Gamification Design Team, EventMobi is the ultimate choice for “gamifying” your event. Schedule a chat with the team to learn more about how EventMobi can help your organization incorporate gamification into your next event and create an unforgettable experience for attendees.

If you’re looking to learn more about gamification and other attendee engagement tactics, check out these resources:

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