8 Creative Ways to Increase Event App Adoption

The Key to Increasing Event App Adoption

One of the most frequently asked questions the EventMobi Support Team receives is ‘When should I launch my app in order to get the highest event app adoption?’

While the question of when is important, the key to increasing event app adoption is identifying how your event app should be launched.

To help you be successful in launching and marketing your event app, we’ve curated some of the best launch strategies and ideas that our most successful customers have used in promoting their event apps.

1. Pre-Event App Content

Launching the event app prior to the start of your event has become a standard technique in the app launch timeline. Prior to launching your app, consider what pre-event content you’ll want to provide in the app to help engage and motivate attendees to download it prior to their arrival onsite.

2. Exclusive Updates

Another creative approach is to make certain content or updates app exclusive. Consider releasing certain details about the event or resources attendees will need prior to arriving through the event app only. By doing so, not only will you centralize your communication, but you’ll ensure that attendees have downloaded the app prior to arrival.

3. Gamification & Polls

Gamification and polls are often thought of as onsite engagement tools. However, launching them before the event can actually help to drive app adoption and increase onsite engagement.

Consider adding a few event challenges, for example, hiding passcodes within the app or using fill-in-the-blank style trivia questions.

4. Self-Edit Links

Many planners speak to us about their desire to ensure that speaker, attendee and sponsor profiles include content that goes beyond the standard profile information.

In response to this, EventMobi created a feature called Self-Edit Links, allowing for easier customization and a more engaging attendee experience. With one easy click, you can email links to anyone who has a profile, which allows them to update and add content to their profile.

Based on the experience of our most successful customers, we’ve found that those who complete their profile or add content to the app become engaged earlier on and are more likely to utilize the app throughout the event. We recommend including Self-Edit Links as part of your promotional strategy.

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5. Promo Video

The EventMobi Support Team can also help design and develop promotional materials that can be utilized during your app launch to help increase adoption. Our customized promo videos allow you to choose three features to highlight during a 60-second video. The video can be updated with your app branding and included in emails and other communication channels prior to the event, or shared onsite. By selecting features you think your attendees will find helpful onsite, it’ll ensure that they see the value in downloading the app prior to arriving.

Here’s an example of what a customized promo video could look like.

6. Email Communications

You could also consider sending the first few announcements from the EventMobi platform via email. When you send an announcement through the event app, it will also allow you to send a copy by email. At the end of the email, it includes a link and copy for those who have not yet downloaded the app.

7. Event Technology Concierge

We’ve helped many customers in developing custom event app launch ideas that enable them to reach their app adoption goals. If you’re looking for more assistance in managing your development and event app launch timelines, the EventMobi Event Technology Concierge Service might be a great fit to help keep your event tech projects on track and achieve success. With this service, customers get assigned to a specific Support Team Member who provides individualized best practices when it comes to developing event app adoption strategies and project timelines.  

8. Keep The Momentum Going Onsite

Although it’s possible to hit a 100% adoption rate through smart and creative launch techniques prior to the start of your event, it’s equally important to have strategies in place to promote the app and continue to drive engagement during the event.

While onsite signage is commonly used, a popular technique is to have small business card sized handouts with app download instructions inserted into event name badges. This helps encourage attendees who didn’t download the app prior to the event to download it onsite to stay informed about event activities and notifications.


The best approach to creating a strategy for driving event app adoption is to look beyond the common question of when to launch your app. Shifting focus to how your event app should be launched will help you be more successful in achieving event app adoption.

Understanding what content attendees would find helpful, which promotional techniques would catch their eye, and what ultimately influences their download decision can help ensure your event app adoption rates hit an all-time high!

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