Case Study: GetWellNetwork Scores at Cost Savings & Attendee Engagement

event budget case study - GetWellNetwork

Event budgets are constantly getting squeezed. This means that event planners are under constant pressure to deliver exceptional results but on shoestring budgets. Printing, in particular, can take a huge bite out of the event budget, as well as use up lots of valuable time and resources. And no matter how many times you double and triple check to make sure there aren’t any mistakes before sending to the printer, inevitably something gets missed or information needs updating.

You already have so many balls to juggle at the same time, so it’s normal that getting every single detail organized and communicated at the right time can be a real challenge. An event app can save a lot of headache for event planners, not to mention reduce the amount of waste, allow for last-minute changes, and most of all, save on printing costs. Just think of all the other things you could use that event budget for!

The following case study highlights how healthcare tech company, GetWellNetwork, was able to save tens of thousands of dollars while at the same time hold a conference that was their most engaging ever for attendees.

About GetWellNetwork

GetWellNetwork provides patient engagement solutions, tools, and strategies to help healthcare organizations deliver individualized patient and family experiences.

The GetConnected Conference

The GetConnected Conference is GetWellNetwork’s biennial user conference and exhibition that brings together company product users for three days of community-building, education, and innovation around the future of patient engagement.

The Event Goals

1. Educating Attendees on the Latest Industry Trends

The focus of the conference was on innovation and collaboration around the future of patient and family engagement. The events team recruited thought leaders from within GetWellNetwork and across their client base to present on these topics.

2. Showcasing New Product Launches

The innovation section of the GetConnected Conference was showcased in the exhibit hall. This is where they exhibited their product line of various patient solutions. The collaboration component was one of the biggest elements that Tanya and Bethany were tasked with. To help them facilitate community-building and attendee collaboration, the team decided to invest in an event app.

Why Invest in an Event App?

Being a technology company, GetWellNetwork knew that failing to use technology at their conference would be a miss in aligning the event brand with their corporate mission. The events team decided that they’d best be able to achieve their event goals by making the event app the brain of the conference. It needed to replace all of their paper handouts and program guides, as well as function as a tool to increase attendee engagement with the event content and build a greater conference community.

“We needed an app that would be informational, but still innovative and engaging.”

—Tanya Flores-Olney, Senior Manager of Marketing Programs

getwellnetwork event app design

Purchase vs. Building an Event App

This was the first year GetWellNetwork held the GetConnected Conference since switching to the biennial model, which meant that budgeting for the event was a challenge. Because of this, the events team initially wanted to build the event app internally, but ran into some issues.

“Originally, we were going to build the app in-house, but it would have been a massive undertaking for such a specialized tool. We simply didn’t have enough resources to build a brand new app while at the same time maintain focus on product innovations and our clients. It just made more sense to bring in an established expert.”

— Tanya Flores-Olney, Senior Manager of Marketing Programs

With GetWellNetwork being a tech company, they had a lot of talented folks in-house so building an event app was something they could have done fairly easily. But, in the end, they didn’t have the capacity. The company was focused on getting new products ready to roll out to the market in time for the conference, so layering on another task to build an event app would have been a big distraction.

There was also the added risk that the event app wouldn’t be finished in time for the pre-event marketing promotions. So, by deciding to leverage an event app provider, the events team had the guarantee that their timelines would be met.

Why GetWellNetwork Chose EventMobi

Budget is always a concern when it comes to purchasing event technology, and after evaluating vendor options, GetWellNetwork determined that EventMobi offered the best return on investment for the events team.


The events team had used different event app solutions in the past for their conferences, but they all lacked a seamless gamification integration.

“Gamification played a huge role in our event, so when it came to evaluating the different options that were within the price tier we were looking for, that’s one of the biggest things that made EventMobi stand out.”

— Bethany Christensen, Marketing Manager

Ease of Use

With all the other priorities that required their attention and time leading up to the GetConnected Conference, the events team needed a solution that was easy to use and quick to learn.

“I was impressed with EventMobi’s interface and how easy it was to select and interact with the different widgets. The content upload feature was especially invaluable to us with the easy-to-use templates. Especially considering how short staffed we were, it helped relieve a lot of the stress!”

— Bethany Christensen, Marketing Manager

How GetWellNetwork Achieved Their Event Goals

Live Polling

Live polling was used during sessions where audience participation and feedback was key to creating an engaging experience. A great example of where audience participation was critical was during a Shark Tank-like event where a variety of up-andcoming health care companies presented short pitches to the audience. Afterwards, the audience voted for the winning pitch through a live poll.

“It was cool to actually be able to see the results in real-time. I’m glad we took advantage of that feature.”

— Bethany Christensen, Marketing Manager

Push Notifications

Push notifications were an easy way to highlight some of the unique activities taking place during the conference, such as the giant ferris wheel that was set up outside the venue. In addition, a monitor placed in a high-traffic area at the event displayed EventMobi’s live display functionality. Attendees could see the leaderboard throughout the conference as an alternative to their mobile phones. This kept the game at the top of their mind.

Communications were sent out through the event app to advertise the ferris wheel. In order to get a ticket to ride, additional push notifications were sent out instructing attendees to visit specific sponsors or a designated area in the exhibit hall.

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The events team was very aware of what their audience was expecting from the GetConnected Conference. Attendees included health care professionals who were constantly and highly engaged with patients, so this kind of experience and level of connection is what the team wanted to emulate. To achieve this, the team turned to event gamification.

GetWellNetwork’s 3-Step Approach to Using Event Gamification:

1. Maximize Event App Adoption

2. Design the Event App for Easy Participation

3. Make Gamification an Integral Part of the Event Design


getwellnetwork case study results - cost savings and increase in attendee engagement

Read more about the results that GetWellNetwork was able to achieve by implementing an event app at their conference, including:

    • Designing their most engaging attendee experience ever
    • Increasing their community and event branding
    • Providing high value ROI to their sponsors
    • Saving tens of thousands of dollars in event budget


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