Case Study: Planners and Attendees Win at Gamification During MICE Club LIVE

eventmobi case study gamification MICE Club LIVEGamification is one of the biggest buzzwords of the event tech industry. Pretty much everyone likes to play. Games have a certain addictive quality – but why? Besides the obvious incentive to win rewards like prizes, there are a number of reasons. For example, the challenge of taking on a tricky task gives a person a lot of satisfaction once they’ve solved the problem. So how can event planners take advantage of gamification opportunities to make their events more interactive and engaging for participants?

Keep reading to learn how EventMobi customer, MICE Club, used gamification to create their most fun and memorable industry event, with over 75% of their attendees participating in the games!

What is the MICE Club?

Organized by the Grenoble Convention Bureau, the MICE Club brings together over 500 professionals involved in business and tourism events. Their largest annual event, MICE Club LIVE, is where participants can make valuable business contacts and get fresh inspiration. The event is aimed at event planners from companies, agencies, and associations. Over two days, approximately 80 planners attend innovative lectures to interactive workshops.

Prior to using EventMobi, the team had already been using an event app for several years. However, they wanted to maximize the amount of interaction between attendees, increase attendee learning, and encourage attendees to stay at the event until the end.

Why MICE Club Used Gamification At Their Event

At MICE Club LIVE, a major goal is to educate the industry on innovative event technologies. Gamification is a prime example of an inventive way to encourage the interaction between participants – for example, through networking games – and direct foot traffic to physical locations at the event, such as exhibitor or sponsor booths. In short, gamification can be used in just about any part of the event and adapted to the unique goals of event planners

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The MICE Club Challenge: 3 Types of Games to Achieve 3 Event Goals

The MICE Club Challenge included three different types of tasks and that was played by attendees throughout the event.

Networking: Each participant was asked in advance of the event to fill out their job title in a creative way. In order to collect points, gamification challenges were available through the event app that awarded points to attendees who could find other attendees with specific job titles, such as “Digital Expert” or “Marketing Ninja”.

Team Competitions: Participants were placed into teams to complete gamification challenges and win points.

Attendee Learning: To encourage attendees to explore as many areas of the event as possible, gamification challenges were created to direct foot traffic to certain locations. To collect points, participants needed to visit the area and enter the answer to questions that could only be found in those respective areas.

How to Achieve High Gamification Participation Rates

Even if your audience is more tech-savvy, event planners can’t rely on participants being motivated on their own to participate in gamification challenges. The best approach is to lead by example and become an active player yourself. This way, you can act as an advocate and show attendees through your own actions the value of participating.

Introducing the gamification challenge onsite and explaining how to participate can break down initial fears, hesitation, or disinterest attendees may have towards the game. In addition, the power and influence of external incentives, such as prizes and recognition, should not be underestimated. You’ll see a big increase in participation by offering and promoting rewards for participation.

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