CSAE’s Gamification Success at the 2018 Trillium Winter Summit

The 2018 CSAE (Canadian Society of Association Executives) Trillium Winter Summit was the second time EventMobi sponsored CSAE Trillium’s event app. One of the main goals of this year’s Winter Summit events team was to foster meaningful connections between sponsors and attendees. This was accomplished by using the event app’s gamification feature to create an amazing event experience that provided ample opportunities for these serendipitous encounters.

Trivia Gamification

To encourage attendees to interact with one another and get to meet new people, the CSAE Trillium and EventMobi teams worked together to create a game called Trillium Trivia. This was a trivia-style networking game that encouraged attendees to seek out event sponsors in order to complete trivia challenges and collect points.

How the Game Worked

Event sponsors submitted trivia questions, so this meant that the Winter Summit events team didn’t have to spend extra time creating the game content! They only needed to upload the challenges into the app, saving them very precious time.

Depending on the type of sponsor, sponsors submitted trivia questions that promoted destinations, services, or company products. Event attendees went through the list of questions available on the event app. If there was a question that stumped them, the event organizers encouraged participants to visit the sponsor of the question to get the answer.

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Trillium Trivia Was a Huge Success!

Through this trivia-style of gamification, sponsors were given great icebreaker opportunities to network with attendees while at the same time start warm conversations about their company or organization.

CSAE Trillium Trivia Winners

Overall, there were 60 trivia questions created by the various event sponsors. On top of that, over 800 trivia questions were answered over the course of two days! Four attendees even successfully completed all 60 trivia questions!

It was a win-win environment for everyone in the event experience. The CSAE event team was able to create an engaging event, sponsors were able to have meaningful conversations with targeted prospects, and most importantly, attendees had a fun and memorable experience that will surely bring them back year over year and continue their membership with CSAE.

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