EventMobi’s 150 Days of Action: Sequoia, Alexander, Leo & Slava’s Volunteer Story With Free Geek

Volunteering with 150 Days of Action

Here at EventMobi, we live and breathe technology, so it was only natural for members of our engineering team to volunteer with Free Geek Toronto. Thanks to EventMobi’s 150 Days of Action Program, we were able to take a day off and join the Free Geek staff in their mission. Making use of a mix of new and old technologies to develop software and design computer systems is what we do every day – so that’s why we truly empathize with Free Geek’s mission.

What is Free Geek?

Free Geek Toronto puts usable electronics back into circulation, diverting them from the recycling stream. Staff and community members collaborate to refurbish all types of electronics, such as laptops, cell phones, and more. This then helps provide affordable, reliable, low-cost tools available to everyone. 

eventmobi volunteering

How We Spent Our Volunteer Time with Free Geek

Volunteers are incredibly important to Free Geek. They help with the organization’s core operation, like testing parts and sorting through the donations, and also act as mentors and colleagues for those who face barriers to employment. Across North America, passionate people help out at their local Free Geek Chapter to refurbish discarded computers and turn them into useful tools again for people who need them. At the same time, people build community awareness, gain technical skills, and help the planet. 

As volunteers, you can pick from a long list of activities at Free Geek, ranging from untangling wire to flashing used routers. Our group was mostly focused on testing various devices – power adapters, network routers, and webcams, in particular. We even tested an old professional DSLR camera, which turned out to be 100% functional! Proceeds from the sale of items, such as this camera, subsidize Free Geek’s other charitable efforts and help sustain the project. For us, it felt good to help the cause in a such “on-hands” manner.

150 days of action volunteering

Become a Volunteer!

Overall it was a great experience that allowed us to switch from our everyday routines and gain new perspectives. It turns out “volunteering” and “being a geek” fit together quite well! We encourage everyone interested in giving back to their community to go ahead and try it: the people who work there are great and your help is always welcome. Free Geek also sells refurbished computers and other electronics. You can support the project by buying some of their stuff (at a fantastic price!). 

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