More Flexibility for Event Planners & Their Attendees

In addition to the native branded apps and web apps we continue to offer, we’re excited to introduce another event app option to the market: the new EventMobi App!

You may have heard a lot of industry chatter near the end of 2017 about the new Apple guidelines that affect event app providers like EventMobi, and the organizations that rely on them. Our new EventMobi App is an Apple-approved universal app (sometimes referred to as a container app) that allows attendees to access your event app from within the App Store, or using a dedicated Smart Launch link.

The EventMobi App comes with a lot of benefits, allowing event planners to:

  • Get the functionality of a native app at a lower cost
  • Save time and hassle by avoiding the App Store submission process
  • Increase event app adoption by making it easier to find your app

But don’t take our word for it! Ask our clients, many of whom are already excited to leverage the EventMobi App at their next event.

“Using the new EventMobi App for our conference is a no-brainer. All the functionality of a native app without the cost!” -Karen Mellor, Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM).

What Makes the EventMobi App Unique?

Unlike many of the other container event apps on the market, the EventMobi App is not a discovery platform for other events.

What does that mean? Simply put, we keep the attendee’s focus on you and your event! When your event participants open the EventMobi App on their smart device, they’ll never be distracted or confused by lists of unrelated or even competitive events. The experience is streamlined and their attention stays on your brand. Which is how it should be!

What If I Have Multiple Events?

Great news! The new EventMobi App has a brandable Events Page where organizations can display a list of their upcoming, current, and past events.

  • Keep event participants up-to-date on current events
  • Promote and drive registration for upcoming events
  • Provide ongoing access to information from past events

If you like, you can even take it to the next level with multiple Events Pages. Some organizations may wish to separate internal and external events, for example, or display all of their product roadshows on one Events Page while keeping their upcoming and past User Conference on a separate Page. The EventMobi App is as flexible as you need it to be!

More than 10,000 event professionals have already chosen EventMobi as their event app provider, and we’re confident that this increased flexibility will make EventMobi the app of choice for many more!

Let us show you how to create an exceptional event experience that is engaging, meaningful, memorable, and delivered on budget! Request a demo of the new EventMobi App today.


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