Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! Administrative workers definitely deserve recognition and appreciation for the important role they play in organizations all around the world in every country. They often have stressful jobs, serving in critical roles that span a variety of responsibilities, including acting as impromptu event planners.

Not only are they busy keeping organizations functioning efficiently and acting as the right hands of busy executives, in many cases, they’re charged with organizing, planning, and executing events of all sizes, both internal and external. Anyone who has ever worked in an admin role can tell you it’s a lot harder than it looks from the outside.

In honor of these mighty jack- and jane-of-all-trades, we’re highlighting an amazing administrative professional who has gone above and beyond in creating incredible event experiences for their attendees and organizations. Introducing…

Mara Schmidt


Mara is a coordinator at the Santa Catarina’s Federation for Business Associations. She coordinated all the operations for this year’s annual event, which brought together 146 business associations from all over the region of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The 13th Edition of the Convention of Business Solutions discussed topics such as digital marketing, innovation, and technical solutions.

Mara partnered with EventMobi to create an app for the event. She took on the role of developing the entire app on her own, in addition to keeping track of all the other things involved in the event planning.

She was able to quickly learn how to upload content, personalize it, and worked with her colleagues to test and provide feedback on all the features before launching it to attendees. She was as thorough and methodical as a professional event planner would have been.

During the event, Mara was constantly posting pictures and promoting the event app’s Activity Feed as an additional way to engage attendees and get them using the app. She did an amazing job at not only developing the event app, but also making sure that all her hard work didn’t go down the drain. App adoption and attendee engagement were critical to achieving success.

Mara’s biggest priority was that the event goes off without a hitch for everyone. This included everyone from the Board of Directors to attendees and sponsors. But as a master of chaos management, Mara was able to achieve her goal with flying colours. The proof was in the pudding when the post-event feedback survey results showed an incredible amount of positive comments on how great the event was.

The event app was especially favored by attendees. It added a sense of modernity and innovation, and was highly appreciated by the audience. From Mara’s perspective, the use of the app made it easy to engage attendees at every stage of the event lifecycle.

Why Mara is an Outstanding Administrative Professional

If we could describe Mara in a few words, we’d simply say that she is on top of everything. She’s always on time and meeting deadlines, inquisitive and constantly trying to improve the experience of her audience, and super pro-active. Balancing all the other never-ending responsibilities and tasks that come with being an administrative professional, Mara is simply a superstar!


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