Mix & Mingle Social Events Help Create Amazing Culture at EventMobi

Creating a fun and engaging culture at EventMobi is very important to us. Just like how we aim to offer our clients incredible event experiences through an event app, we also put a lot of thought and energy into designing programs that create incredible work experiences.

Mix and Mingles

I’m part of EventMobi’s Operations team and our mission is to set the tone and promote the company’s culture. We believe that one of the biggest challenges companies of any size and within any industry face is breaking down departmental silos and increasing communication and camaraderie across the company. EventMobi has grown in Mobiers, especially over the past year, and it’s important to us that we don’t feel disconnected from one another. This is the reason why we started Mix & Mingles. It provides the space and opportunity for Mobiers who wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to connect with each other to socialize and exchange ideas in a fun way.

We started Mix & Mingles in Fall of 2017 and hold an event every quarter. About 20 Mobiers are randomly selected across each departments and levels of seniority, including our CEO. We then vote on a fun, team building activity that promotes one of EventMobi’s values to “Have Fun”! Last month, the three activities we voted on were painting and wine, an Escape Room, and rock climbing. In the end, majority ruled and rock climbing won!

Rock Climbing Day

The day of the event crept upon us and it was now time to show each other what we had. I had never been rock climbing before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. To be honest, I was a little nervous because I’m not the most athletic person, but I knew with my fellow Mobiers, I was going to be ok.

As soon as we arrived at the rock climbing gym, we signed our waivers and changed into comfortable clothes. Some in the group had rock climbed before, so they helped guide those of us who were new. We went through a quick training session with a gym instructor and then we were free to venture out.

I was one of the first to start climbing. What I didn’t realize when I started climbing was that the numbers at the bottom of each climb indicated the difficulty level. So, unknowingly, I boldy and unintentionally tackled a level seven difficulty. I only made it halfway, but nonetheless, my colleagues cheered me on the whole way through, especially during the times I struggled!


Even though I didn’t complete the climb, it felt so good to be supported by other Mobiers, and the experience was extremely motivating. It made me appreciate how genuine the relationships are at EventMobi. I only started at the company a couple of months ago, but the culture at EventMobi is so supportive, friendly, and encouraging that I already felt like part of the family.

But not only that, the culture at EventMobi is very hard-working, collaborative, and persistent. And this was definitely displayed during the Mix & Mingle rock climbing event. Some of us had never really had the chance to interact with one another, but any hesitation went right out the door once we were all focused on the same goal and working as a team to climb up those walls! We wanted our colleagues to be successful and reach the top.


The perfect example of how Mobiers worked together was when Seqouia from our Engineering department climbed. “I love that he’s relentless”, said his co-worker, Cece. “He’s very dedicated,” said Branden from our Marketing department. The entire team rallied around seeing to that he made it to the top when he climbed. He never gave up and was very methodical in how he approached his climb, but when he ran into a hurdle or got tired, other Mobiers were right there with him to give him ideas on how to overcome and continue onto the next step in the climb. As a team, we never gave up and even stunned ourselves on how much can be achieved with the right mindset and show of encouragement. These are the types of people who create the incredible EventMobi culture.

Sequioa climbing in the top right corner

The theme for the day seemed to be challenging ourselves and being supportive of one another. No matter how high or low someone made it on the wall, we all made sure to acknowledge their hard work and effort with a cheer. I was proud to see that I work amongst people who genuinely care about seeing each other do their best.

All in all, creating serendipitous moments that enable Mobiers to foster stronger connections and exchange ideas is crucial in the culture at EventMobi. And Mix & Mingle events are the perfect way to bring people together accomplish great tasks together in a fun way.

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