Wine Tasting Pairs Well With the EventMobi Culture

Everyday at EventMobi, we work to create technology that empowers organizations to achieve business goals through live events. We enjoy enabling and teaching event professionals about the power of event technology in creating amazing and memorable events.  However, on one special evening, the roles reversed and EventMobi employees (aka Mobiers) got to showcase their curiosity while taking on the role of student during a wine tasting extravaganza! This is just an example of what the EventMobi culture is all about.

On a regular basis, Mobiers gather in the office’s Great Hall for a variety of events that help us continually learn and advance in our careers, or in this case, just to have fun, get away from our desks, and connect with fellow co-workers!

EventMobi Culture Means Taking Our Social Events Seriously

The EventMobi culture is one where we take our social events seriously, making it a priority to balance work with play. From Movie Nights with our very own version of ‘Time Play’ using our own event app’s gamification feature, to Games Night with all the latest game boards you can think of, these after-work evenings are events you wouldn’t want to miss.

Our wine tasting adventure was organized by the fabulous Marketing Team, who designed a ‘full-bodied experience’ (no apologies for the terrible pun!) where Mobiers enjoyed an evening of unique flavours from around the world.

Thirstdays_Wine_Tasting1 With the help of Wine Sommelière, Rebecca Meïr-Liebman, Mobiers got the opportunity to learn about and sample wines from France, Italy, and of course, our very own local Ontario specialities.


Rebecca has been a sommelière at many of Toronto’s top restaurants including Canoe, Luma, and BLÜ Ristorante. With her in the lead, Mobiers spent a couple of hours in the student’s seat learning about the history and art of wine production, and honing our tasting palate.   


Rebecca prompted some friendly debate around which type of wine is better, asking questions such as corked or uncorked wine? Which country produces the best Chardonnay? And how long should a wine be aged?


The questions really encouraged us to think outside of the box. Like any good teacher, Rebecca would turn the question to us.  She suggested replacing the word ‘wine’ with ‘people’. Just like how it’s impossible to label one wine as being better than another based on which country it came from, we couldn’t possibly say where the best employees come from, or which employee is more valuable than another. Just as all wine has its own unique story and journey, so do our amazing people, which makes EventMobi’s culture that much more special.  


Mobiers come from all over the world and possess a treasure chest full of experience, knowledge, and personality. We complement each other like wine to cheese, and the best teams are usually a combination of different pairings. 

Wine is described as opening up with time, and the same can be said about growing our teams at EventMobi. The more time we invest and take care of each other, like a fine bottle of aged Cabernet Sauvignon, the results at the end of the day are invaluable and of the highest quality. The more we take the time to wine down every once in awhile (again, no apologies for this terrible pun!) with our fellow colleagues, the more opportunities we have to learn about each other and develop meaningful relationships. These spectacular pairings help us grow not just as a company, but into mighty fine people and professionals.


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