Event App Custom Branding with CSS


With the EventMobi Event App Advanced Designer and some knowledge of CSS, you’ll be able to offer a unique, visually appealing event app design that will elevate the value of your event to your guests.

Key Features

App Design Studio - Customize to match your brand

Create a custom brand experience. You have the ability to design a unique, visually impressive, mobile experience for your guests.
Streamline your branding with Eventmobi's App Design Studio

EventMobi’s revolutionary App Design Studio empowers event organizers and designers to create custom designs for their apps in the same way they’d create a custom website using a website builder. Any web or graphics designer with knowledge of CSS is able to make changes in real-time to the event app design directly through the content management system of EventMobi platform.
Keep your brand consistent in your event app with Eventmobi

Imagery, colours and logos can all be tailored to suit your style. Now your event theme and corporate branding can be prominently showcased throughout.
Custom editing with advnaced CSS options

Maintain unprecedented levels of creative consistency between your online and offline presence. If you can imagine it, the EventMobi Event App Advanced Designer and your creative team can make it happen.
Eventmobi App Design Studio is standard for everyone

This gives you the ability to adapt at any time. You can re-style any aspect of your event platform by editing the custom css in real-time.
Eventmobi Advanced Designer is available as an add-on including optional professional services.

EventMobi can handle all changes to your advanced custom app designs in real-time. App Design Studio is a standard offering as part of EventMobi’s suite of products and Advanced Designer is available as an add-on including optional professional services.

When you don't have a designer

Our design team will work with you to ensure that the overall design of your app supports your event goals—and gives your attendees the unique experience they crave. Increase brand awareness with a customized event app design that will make your event branding stand out.

Custom App Design


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We’ll show you the exact functionality you’re hoping to use at your event and can share the best practises we’ve developed with over 10,000 events that have already run on our platform.

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Make a brilliant first impression.  With a custom designed registration app, you’ll be offering your guests an easy and convenient way to sign up.

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