Conference Badge Design: Manage it Like a Pro

Managing the conference badge design process for your in-person events is typically a complicated and costly process that requires outsourcing the design, wrangling spreadsheets, mail merge, and templates, followed by endless rounds of approvals. However, there are new event tech tools that can help streamline the process and make it easy for you to bulk-create conference badge designs like a pro.

In this post, you will learn:

  • How to easily create badges that reflect your event’s unique branding with EventMobi’s badge design and printing solution 
  • How to bulk-create badges for different groups in seconds
  • How to manage badge printing for walk-ins 

As an added bonus, you’ll also discover how you can leverage your badge design tool to create nameplates for speakers and panelists!


EventMobi GoLive! Production Services Team Manager Ryan Sturno shows you how to easily create your own branded badges using the Badge Designer.

Use pre-built templates for your conference badge designs

One of the key challenges planners face when it comes to badges is the design. You need your event badges to reflect your event’s unique branding. You may also want your designs to differ by attendee group so you can easily identify your speakers and sponsors from your attendees. Incorporating your event’s branding and creating multiple versions of your conference badge design becomes challenging if you don’t have the skills within your team to do this, or any extra budget to hire designers.

EventMobi’s Badge Designer has a library of pre-built templates that make it easy for planners to create customized event name tag designs. You can upload your logo, change the colors to match your brand, and choose what information is displayed on the badge. Or, if you’re feeling especially creative, you can create your own design from scratch with easy-to-use tools.

This feature is available in the Experience Manager, EventMobi’s dedicated event CMS.  This is where you will build and manage your event, so all the elements you need to create your badges—like your logo and other brand elements—will already be there. Having everything you need readily available in the Experience Manager will help you produce beautifully branded badges for different groups at speed.  

What’s the best thing about EventMobi’s conference badge software?  It enables you to create well-designed badges without needing to be a Photoshop whizz. It’s also easy to add QR codes to your attendee badges so that you can offer a smooth event and session check-in experience onsite. 

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Automatically sync your registration data with your conference badge design tool

As a planner, you know that one of the most arduous parts of creating conference badges is the amount of time it takes to wrangle large spreadsheets of attendee data, and mail merge it into a badge template ready for printing. In some cases, you may need to share your spreadsheets with your professional printer, which can create new challenges with data protection. Ideally, your registration data would stay in one place, and integrate easily into your badge design. 

Thanks to being an all-in-one solution, EventMobi streamlines this process so that your registration data automatically pulls into the Badge Designer. When using one of the pre-built templates, the merge fields are already included in the conference badge design. This means you can preview what it will look like by scrolling through your attendees’ names in the dropdown menu. To ensure longer names don’t get cut off in the merge field, you can also set your fields to scale to fit in the badge editor.

This is a huge improvement from the time-intensive conference badge design processes many event planners know. Now, you can bulk-create badges for multiple event stakeholders in seconds! Once you’ve finished creating your badges, you can simply download them as a PDF and print them off yourself, or send them to your printing service provider.

What about on-demand badge printing?

Printing badges onsite continues to be a challenge for many event planners as the only solution is to station big, clunky, and expensive badge printers on or near the registration desk. This clutters the registration area and doesn’t provide the streamlined experience that attendees have come to expect. 

While the Badge Designer currently allows planners to print badges on-demand for last-minute walk-ins, development is underway for this feature to facilitate printing your badges at scale with any desktop printer onsite. More information on this will be released soon, so watch this space!

BONUS: Use your conference badge design tool to create nameplates for speakers and panelists

EventMobi’s VP of Product Marketing Thorben Grosser reveals how you can use the Badge Designer to create nameplates for your panelists and speakers.

Did you know that your event name tag software can also double up as a nameplate designer? Creating nameplates can be a tedious task requiring planners to copy names into a document page by page taking up much more time than it needs to. Thorben Grosser, VP of Product Marketing at EventMobi, came up with a clever hack to help solve this problem with the Badge Designer. Simply select your badge size as A4 and add a templated design from a free design tool such as Canva. Watch the full video above for your step-by-step guide to creating nameplates using event badge software.


You can still create beautifully designed badges even if you don’t have the budget to hire a designer or the design skills within your team. With EventMobi’s badge design and printing solution, you can quickly and easily manage your conference badge designs for multiple attendee groups all within your Experience Manager using pre-built templates or from scratch. Best of all, your registration data automatically syncs with the platform so you never have to do another mail merge again!

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