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dn_iconDirect Notification™ Lets Planners Send Messages to Targeted Groups of Attendees

Remember that old saying “You can’t please everyone”? Working with thousands of event planners, we know that this just doesn’t fly in the industry.

Last month we introduced the new attendee-to-attendee private chat to improve networking for attendees; now we’d like to share our new Direct Notification™ system, a unique communication channel that lets planners connect with specific groups of attendees.

Everyday, planners we work with go above and beyond making sure every attendee is taken care of, whether they’re a year out of school or a year out from retirement, whether they’re a sales rep or C-level executive. With this diverse group of attendees, there’s a diverse set of objectives as well.


Because EventMobi clients have opted to use a cross-platform event app with EventMobi Fusion™, they’ve already ensured that every single one of their attendees can use the event’s mobile app regardless of the smartphone or tablet they choose to use. The previously popular Push Notification option looked great at first but the fact that attendees can easily block Push Notifications essentially means event planners are unable to reach those attendees via the app.

Not only does Direct Notification™ reach every attendee, it also integrates with email so planners can choose to send their alert via email simultaneously ensuring everyone receives the important information, even if they’re not on the app at that moment.

Easily organizing attendees into different groups on the Content Manager, planners can send very specific alerts and updates to very specific groups of attendees. Better yet, if an attendee favorites a specific session, they’ll receive all the notifications directed at that session.

Direct Notification™ for Education

Divide your attendees into different groups based on their backgrounds or experience. Once you’ve designed educational tracks on the agenda, send out an alert notifying them of the track and explaining that the sessions you’ve worked so hard on setting up are here for them and will lead to the best learning experience.

Direct Notification™ for Revenue Generation

A sponsor’s dream scenario: a categorized list of attendees based on ‘experience’, ‘management level’, or ‘company type’ perhaps. Use Direct Notification™ to target sponsored alerts to highly focused groups. As an example, IBM might be interested in targeting Chief Information Officers for their new Enterprise Solution ad campaign while Apple might want to send a special deal to everyone who favorited the “Mobile is the Future” session.


Direct Notification™ for Logistics

Room change? Keynote going to be late? Shoot a quick alert out to everyone or only to groups that will be affected by the change in plans. Even group all of your Speakers together so that you can send them details on available tech support and onsite staff contact details. Exhibitors can be informed about move-in and move-out times as well as shipping and freight details.

Direct Notification™ for Special Events

Invitation only dinner for clients? New member orientation? Send relevant details to the right people ensuring everyone attends the special events that will benefit them most.

Direct Notification™ for Emergencies

Did you know most events in California have special earthquake-preparedness procedures? Have you prepared alternate transportation options if that snowstorm hits? Direct Notification™ can be used as a quick and immediate way to reach everyone at your event regardless of their device. The system was used this past summer when events were cancelled and postponed due to the massive flooding in Calgary, Alberta. Planners reacted quickly using Direct Notification™ to keep everyone informed.

Instead of using a megaphone at your event, create highly targeted messages the can be sent to the relevant parties without distracting everyone else. This is your Push Notification and Email Marketing tool all-in-one!

Following the passion and attention to detail of our own clients, EventMobi is continuously striving to deliver usable, powerful tools in order for planners to create truly unforgettable experiences.

If you would like to see Direct Notification™ in action along with the all-new attendee-to-attendee private chat, join one of our webinars. We look forward to having you join us.

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  • Melissa

    How is this different than sending an alert to a specific group?

    • Bob Vaez

      Hi Melissa,

      Sorry for the delayed response here! This was actually a feature that was released for clients a couple of months ago, we finally finished the video for it and thought it is a good time for the world to know as well :) It’s basically a combination of app notification with email blast in one that can be targeted for specific group of attendees. Sorry for the confusion if you are already using Direct Notification. Let me know how you like using it and how should we improve this feature.


  • fendy

    is this function the same as an alert?

    • Bob Vaez

      Hi Fendy,
      Thanks for the comment and good to have you on our blog :) It is the same tool as what you have used in the past while we added email marketing option as well as ability to target specific groups of attendees with a couple of clicks. We will be enhancing the email functionality further in the near future.


      - Bob

      • fendy

        thanx bob.

  • jonahwolfraim

    Built off the original Alerts functionality, we’ve added integration with email and attendee groups. As we continuously develop Direct Notification, we’ll be adding more functionality in the future as well.

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