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Anne Thornley-Brown is the President of Executive Oasis International a Toronto team building and management consulting firm that helps companies succeed even in the midst of turbulence. Executive Oasis International specializes in the facilitation of executive retreats, business team building, and meetings. Anne has worked with clients from 18 countries including Canada, Jamaica, Barbados, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Saudi Arabia, Oman, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, and Sudan. Anne has an M.B.A. from York University's Schulich School of Business in Toronto. Anne has also blogged for a number of portals including Huffington Post, Event Manager Blog, and Plan Your Meetings by MPI. executiveoasis @executiveoasis

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toronto_incentiveworks7 Superb Toronto Attractions for Event Planners to Take in During IncentiveWorks

If you are heading to Toronto for IncentiveWorks 2017 from August 22 – 23, 2017, you’re in for a treat. In addition to lots of networking on the trade show floor and great speakers, you can look forward to numerous … Read more »

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Outdoor PicnicOutdoor Event Planning: 8 Practical Considerations

Now that the calendar has passed the Easter season and the warmer weather is returning, event participants will welcome the opportunity to spend some time outdoors.Taking the group outdoors, even for a little, will breathe new life into what could … Read more »

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Healthy Food10 Healthwise Event Menu Choices

With more and more attendees under doctor’s orders to reduce their intake of calories, sugar, carbohydrates, and salt, it’s important for event planners to give more attention to healthy choices when making menu selections. Participants don’t have to attend many … Read more »

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Virtual Reality: 7 Ways for Meeting Planners to Catch the Next Event Tech Wave

Ever since the holodeck hit Star Trek, people have dreamed of participating in fully immersive experiences. Virtual Reality (VR) is a wave of the future for event planning. Long anticipated, VR for groups is now just “on the horizon”. Here … Read more »

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girl with camcorder6 Ways to Use Videos for Event Marketing

Videos are powerful tools with far more impact than the printed word or images. It has become easier to produce high quality videos even on a shoestring budget. Yet, videos continue to be under-utilized by event industry professionals.   To … Read more »

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