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event_planning_stressDon’t Get Caught in Last Minute Madness: 12 Tips for Preventing Last Minute Changes at Your Event

In a previous post we had covered 5 of the reasons why event planning regularly makes the list of the top 10 most stressful professions alongside occupations like firefighting, military service, and police work that involve life and death emergencies. The frequency of changes, particularly last minute changes, was highlighted as one of the main factors adding to the stress levels of meeting, conference and event planners.
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5 Strategies for Uncovering Event Participant Preferences

Designing a meeting or event that “hits the mark” is never a matter of chance. It’s a matter of design. To ensure participant satisfaction, every aspect of an event should be customized including content, catering, themes, decor, music, and entertainment. Uncovering event participant preferences is an important part of the event design but it is often neglected. Often, this year’s design is based on what has been done in the past.

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JNF Tech Shuk Live Polling3Creative Ways to Use Live Polling at Your Events

Since it’s inception, the 3rd Annual JNF Tech Shuk has decided the winner of the Lion’s Den Competition by using Eventmobi’s in-app live polling feature. Typically at Eventmobi, we see live polling as a source of surveying the crowd for information during a session and that stays between the speaker and the audience. But Tech Shuk did something a little different, and in the process demonstrates how the creative utilization of event technology can positively impact an event. Read more »

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Event Tech Data Collection & ReportingWhy Data Collection Matters for Events: Learnings from #WEC17

I recently attended MPI’s World Education Conference, the largest gathering of event professionals in the world, and realized there are two fundamental challenges faced by event planners today: data collection and connecting attendees. The future of event planning is going to revolve around data, metrics and analyzing massive amounts of information to prove the success of your event. The second fundamental challenge is connecting attendees face-to-face, helping them meet the right people and build new, meaningful relationships. Luckily, event technology is helping event planners do both a lot better than before. Read more »

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Engaging Younger Participants in Events6 Surefire Strategies for Engaging Younger Conference & Event Participants

Engaging younger participants at events and conferences has been a concern for over a decade. And it should be given that employees born between 1977 and 1995 now represent the largest demographic in the workforce. To ensure you remain relevant and are able to truly provide valuable events for your audiences, it is essential to adjust both event marketing and programming to address the reality of these shifting demographics. Read more »

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