Kicking Off 2018: 4 Event Tech Resolutions Every Event Planner Should Make

Make the Most Out of Your Event Technology

Each year after the clock strikes midnight, many find themselves setting resolutions and goals to make the following year more productive, exciting or impactful. While these resolutions typically apply to one’s personal or professional life, here at EventMobi, we started brainstorming simple resolutions that event professionals like you can set to make the most out of your event technology this year. 

Resolution #1: Try Something New

Beyond event technology, this is a really common goal for event professionals. We vow to learn a new skill, read more, sign up for an exercise or cooking class. At EventMobi, we think that this resolution is something worth investing in when it comes to trying out new event technology options in 2018, especially given the array of new products and features that were released throughout 2017, and will be released in 2018.

If you are planning an annual meeting, setting a goal to find new ways to engage your attendees is a good strategy to ensure your meeting feels fresh and exciting, especially if your attendees return year after year. A simple way to achieve the resolution of trying something new is to look at the ways you are currently engaging your attendees onsite and experiment with a new approach. For example, creating an event game, introducing live polling in your sessions, or using digital signage.

*Try This* If you are want your attendees to connect with each other during the event, use a networking game to encourage and incentivize them to make those connections. Each attendee can have a passcode on their badge which can be swapped for points when they make a new connection

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Another new event technology option you can try has to do with how you deliver and deploy your app. As a follow-up to Apple’s updated guidelines that were released at the end of last year, we’ve launched the EventMobi App and Pages as an easy way for your attendees to access all of your event’s content. It also allows you to leverage native app functionality such as push notifications. With benefits such as keeping costs low, saving time, and reducing the hassle of an individual app submission – looking at how you deploy your event tech can be an easy resolution win for 2018.

Resolution #2: Make Decisions Early

Another common resolution often set is to be more decisive, start your day earlier or stop procrastinating. This is one that easily translates to your Event Technology choices. Many still see Event Technology as a tool to be leveraged onsite and as such leave decision making about what platforms or features to use until the event is approaching. By selecting your vendor and incorporating your technology choices into your overall event plan, you’re sure to see maximum adoption and engagement.

*Try This*  We’ve worked with many planners that have started to utilize the event app weeks and sometimes months before their event kicks off. One common approach is to centralize the event communication through the in-app announcements feature to drive traffic to the app and ensure your attendees know where to find the details they need before arriving. You could also consider adding some gamification challenges or surveys pre-event to collect valuable insight from your attendees prior to starting their event experience.

Resolution #3: Learn A New Skill

Baking, running, knitting? Have you vowed to learn or perfect a new skill in 2018? Why not put Event Technology on the top of that list! There are many ways you can boost your event technology knowledge such as following industry blogs, attending conferences where event technology is a focus and other online certifications are also available.

Last year, we launched a Meeting and Event Technology Certificate to help students enrolled in event planning university programs become experts in event management and get first-hand experience in using event app technology. Next month, we’ll be launching a certificate program specific to professional event planners.

Resolution #4: Increase Revenue

Some resolutions are also financially focused, and so are your event goals. Our last resolution revolves around increasing your sponsorship revenue through new methods of incorporating them into your event technology. With sponsorship banners, exposure on your app home screen or digital signage and newer approaches like sponsored gamification challenges, targeted alerts or exposure during registration seeing your event technology not only as a way to provide more opportunities to your sponsors but provide them with tangible insights into that exposure through analytics is sure to check this resolution of your list!

*Try This* If you are moving your sponsors from traditional opportunities such as print to digital opportunities this year, set a meeting with them post-event to walk them through your event analytics. Being able to show them the number of impressions and clicks their banner ad received, how many attendees looked at their profile or how many were sent an alert is a great way to ensure that they understand the value of their investment and can help them make data-driven decisions regarding future involvement.

We want to wish you a great start to your 2018 year. Whether your resolutions are big or small, taking the time to reflect on your previous year and accomplishments and set goals for the future is a great way to guide yourself towards the best year yet. Run that race, eat more veggies, try out that new event tech feature – 2018 is yours for the taking!  

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