4 Fantastic Things to Do in Frankfurt During IMEX

If you’re heading to Frankfurt for IMEX, it’s well worth arriving a few days early because there is a lot to see and do when Frankfurt is your base. Of course IMEX has its own activities including dine-arounds, a nightclub night (not to be missed), and organized tours. But there are more ways to explore Frankfurt than you can imagine. Take a cruise, sign up for a Segway tour, or chart your own course on the U-Bahn subway network!

Here are a few more suggestions.

  1. Take a walking tour of the historical Frankfurt Altstadt (Old Town)
Roemerberg Square

This area, which was virtually leveled as a result of the bombing during World War II, has been re-built from the original plans. Be sure to see Römerberg Square, the market square where the annual Christkindlmarkt takes place during the festive season; Haus Wertheym, one of the few buildings that survived World War II; Rententurm (the customs house), which dates back to 1456, and the Archaeological Gardens where remnants of Roman baths and fortifications can be viewed. (The Archaeological Gardens are currently under renovation but the exterior makes a great photo opportunity.)

  1. Enjoy lunch or dinner at Zum Storch Am Dom

Located in the Altstadt district, Zum Storch Am Dom dates back to 1317. The location has been used as a restaurant since 1704. It was destroyed in World War II and rebuilt from the original plans in 1953. Specialities include Sauerbraten, marinated beef served with red cabbage and potato dumplings and  prime boiled beef with “Frankfurter Grüne Soße”, their own special sauce blending 7 herbs. If you go to Frankfurt a few days early to see more of the city (as recommended), you can enjoy lunch at Zum Storch Am Dom on Sunday. Otherwise, it is open for dinner from Monday to Friday.

  1. When it’s time to shop, Head Over to Zeil and MyZeil

MyZeil is an ultra-modern, glass enclosed, 6 level mall with an impressive line-up of luxury brands. It’s located on Zeil, Frankfurt’s most popular shopping street that stretches for a mile.  You’re bound to find what you are looking for in this area.

  1. Make it a Museum
Museumsufer (Museum Riverbank)

Frankfurt has an entire embankment called Museumsufer (Museum Riverbank) that is dedicated to museums. Visitors to Frankfurt are bound to find a couple that appeal to their interests and tastes. For example, Museum der Weltkulturen, features exhibits that explore world cultures, Museum Giersch, a collection of artists residences dating back to the 19th century, and Historisches Museum, founded in 1878, which traces the history of the city and showcases artefacts dating back to the Roman era. Dating back to the 18th century, The Goethe House is where Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the famous writer, and his family lived. Frankfurter Kunstverein, which dates back to 1829, is devoted to contemporary art.

Bonus: Hop on the Train and visit a Small Town!
Mainz, Germany
Mainz, Germany

The train network is easy to use in Germany, even if you don’t speak a world of German so take advantage of the opportunity to explore. There are many small towns that can easily be reached for a day trip from Frankfurt. It’s a chance to “step back in time” and see a different side of Germany. Mainz and Bacharach are just 2 suggestions.

Mainz is a picturesque town on the Rhine with many historical buildings, cafes, and restaurants. It was the home of Johannes Gutenberg who invented the printing press. A visit to the Gutenberg Museum is a must.

Bacharach is over 1,000 years old and there are many original buildings. Historical buildings have kept their facades and been re-purposed for the modern era. For example,  The Posthof (post office), dating back to 1593, has been meticulously restored as a restaurant.

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