5 Ways to Keep Attendees Engaged Post-Event with Your Event App

We’ve all felt it. The lingering adrenaline after an unforgettable event. As the meeting is coming to an end, we reflect on the new connections we’ve made, looking down at the crumpled-up business cards in hand and reviewing notebooks full of new and creative ideas. We’re craving our own comfortable beds, a hot shower and maybe a glass of wine or two! Though thoroughly exhausted, we are feeling inspired and ready to kill it when we’re back at our desks.

Planners, this is the underlying magic of your events. And while you’re a seasoned expert at creating unforgettable programs that are talked about for years to come – it can be hard to maintain the excitement when the event is over.

With an increasing number of event planners using event apps to up their game and maximize engagement during the event, we’ve pulled together a list of the top 5 ways to keep your attendees engaged after your event using your event app.

1. Encourage attendees not to miss connections: Networking is an integral component of every program but it can be difficult for your attendees to keep track of everyone they may have met.Ass-post-event-survey

How? Send your attendees a link back to the Attendee Directory online to encourage them to reconnect when the meeting ends. There, they can browse the attendee list and easily put a face to a name for any missed connections. From there, attendees can even send each other direct messages to connect offline if they wish to continue the conversation.

2. Ask for feedback: On the last day of the conference while your event is still top-of-mind, send a “Thank you” message to all attendees with a link to a post-event survey.

How? Consider incorporating a handful of future-focused questions to get them excited for the next meeting such as “Where would you like the meeting to be held next year?” and “If you could pick any special guest for the next meeting, who would you choose?”

3. Address outstanding questions: If you had an incredibly powerful session but not enough time for Q&A, don’t fret!

How? Have your attendees submit questions into the app and then curate a list of questions that you can address after the session in an FAQ document. Post the FAQ page on your website or share in an e-mail with your attendees so that everyone is on the same page.

4. Share the resources: Many attendees don’t realize that they can access the app through the web from their home computer.

How? Using alerts, you can remind attendees that all presentations, handouts, brochures or other reading materials can all be downloaded to their computers after the event for future reference.

5. Leverage your creative real estate:
Did you know that your app is your #1 place for promoting future events?

How? The most creative planners will change up the content of their app on-the-fly to introduce a “Save the Date” image for next year, scrolling banner ads for other meetings or even embed an option to register for the next meeting. This not only keeps the look and feel of the app fresh and exciting – but it becomes a great source of buzz for the next meeting.

What’s Next?ASS save-the-date-

There are virtually hundreds of additional ways to leverage the app when the event has officially ended, but event apps are only one tool in your event planning arsenal.

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