Client Spotlight: How the Boys & Girls Clubs of America Inspires Youth Through Technology

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America (the Clubs) has a clear mission: to help young people reach their full potential. The 108th Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Conference provided Senior Director Dan Rauzi with the opportunity to push technology as a way to inspire new ways of doing things and to relate to youth, the target of the Clubs’ operations.

As his trusted event app provider, Dan was eager to use EventMobi’s recently redesigned event app for his 2014 conference, and to try out some new engagement opportunities that would increase accessibility for each and every attendee.

1000-homescreenEventMobi uses HTML5 technology to build mobile event apps that work seamlessly on any internet browser regardless of device, laptop, or desktop. With just one click, everyone has access to the event app — no app stores to worry about.

Because of the Clubs’ role in various communities and the sensitive nature of its members’ information, it was essential for Dan’s attendees to have control over the information they shared. For those in attendance and participating remotely, creating an attendee profile on the app was so easy that he felt comfortable empowering everyone to add their own profile details and opt into networking as it suited them. Dan started promoting the Clubs’ event app a month before his event and saw a significant number of attendees were already logging in and establishing their presence on it.  At the event, attendees were able to use EventMobi’s new, private in-app chat to engage one another in secure discussions without having to disclose any personal contact information.


At an event with so many moving parts, Dan appreciated that he could make changes on the fly, right on his Android or Surface RT, without having to worry about any app store’s approval process. Since his last event, EventMobi’s new design also introduced an entirely customizable home screen where Dan was able to add images, links, countdowns, and maps. The new, intuitive design meant that Dan could focus on the opportunities these new features created without having to learn a new system.

Among them were more dynamic banner ads that linked to company profiles, websites, or custom pop-ups. In previous years, the Clubs’ fundraising and sponsorship hadn’t included the app, so Dan was really interested to see how the event app could improve his ROI for the 2014 conference. He was pleased to discover that, with over 150,000 impressions, his exclusive sponsor, Sprint, greatly appreciated their prominent app exposure.


Having had such a great test run for the Boys and Girls Club, Dan looks forward to including the event app in his sponsorship packages going forward and discovering new ways to use sponsorship to push event app engagement. Check out the Ultimate Guide to Event App Sponsorship to find out how other planners have used the app to offer sponsors exposure and increase the ROI at their events.

With powerful technology inspiring new ideas and connections, Dan was able to use his EventMobi event app to accomplish his objectives. Join a webinar today to see how the we can create a better event experience and increase sponsorship opportunities for you.

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