A Mobier’s Experience Providing Customer Onsite Support

As part of the Customer Success team at EventMobi, I have the privilege of getting to travel to customer events and help them with their onsite event app experience. It really says a lot about a customer’s trust in us when they want us to be an integrated part of their event experience. For this particular event, I went onsite to support the event planners with a few different tasks – app assistance, data upload, and live polling management.

I had been working with the event planners for a couple of months leading up to the event to ensure the event app was ready to go and everything that needed to be taken care of for onsite was confirmed. We started out with the basics of the event: what it was for, who would be there, and what they would be looking for in the event app.

How the EventMobi Event App was Successfully Used

Leading up to the event

The success of this event was highly reliant on the communication of personal schedules to attendees. Each attendee had sessions and travel information that they needed to be able to access with ease. We spent many hours getting this data into the event app and after a few tests, it was ready to go!

We also added in live polls and surveys because session engagement was another key feature that the planners were hoping to incorporate into the event. Getting live polls and surveys into the app was the easy part; coordinating how they would be shared onsite took a bit more work. I had some calls with the event planners to work this out and would have more discussions around the feature to follow once I arrived onsite. The most important piece to getting the event app set up for the event was launching it to the attendees.

With lots of moving parts, we found ourselves in a race to get the event app sent out before the event. In the end, we were able to make it available to attendees with enough time for people to review it before arriving in Montreal. The first step of preparing the event app was done!

The start of the event

When I arrived onsite, I had a couple of meetings with the event planners to run through what the three days would look like. We talked about where I needed to be and what I would be doing each day. The first day I sat at the registration desk. It was my responsibility to make sure attendees had the event app and that all of their questions were answered as they headed into the conference.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that almost everyone I talked to already downloaded the event app and were already comfortable with how it worked. This is always a sign of great communication from the event planners to the attendees about the event app.

The second day had me answering event app questions and getting data updated into the app. Updating the event app onsite can be scary since we’re making changes when it’s already live. We often recommend getting the app as finalized as possible before planners get onsite, but sometimes that’s just not possible.

Day three was filled with sessions using our live polling feature so I was bouncing from one room to the next, talking to speakers and planners, ensuring everyone was comfortable directing people to where to find the polls in the app and how to display the live results.

In one session, I sat backstage with the AV team and displayed the live results from my screen. In another smaller session, I sat in on the discussions and moderated the live results as they were appearing in the backend of the app. It’s always great to be in the sessions, seeing our features being used. Attendees were extremely engaged in the live polls, the planners had done a great job at familiarizing everyone with the tool. 

In Conclusion

Overall, the event planners did an amazing job preparing everything for the event. Attendees and speakers knew what the event app was for and how to interact with it. They knew what they wanted to use and they made sure things were set up in a way that would make their attendee experience smooth and engaging.

Planning is a really important part of making the event app work onsite. It’s something that I really stress when working with different organizations. The onsite experience can change every day (like mine did!) so knowing what needs to be taken care of is extremely important. Once the event arrives, it’s go-go-go, so the key is to know where you’re headed and to always focus on how to make things easy for attendees!

To learn more about EventMobi’s onsite support services, check out our Professional Services page.

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