Onsite Event Support: the Secret to Running a Seamless Event Experience

Many organizations are saying really great things about EventMobi’s event technology platform. This includes not-for-profits like Venture Out, associations like CSAE, and corporate brands like TD Bank. But the value of using EventMobi for your event doesn’t stop with our app. We also have a suite of Professional Services, including onsite event support, to make your event experience easier, faster, and a lot more efficient for planners like you.

It’s not just the event planner who benefits from using these Professional Services. The time and effort you save allows you to have more of a focus onother aspects of the event and creating additional value for your attendees.

Here are popular Professional Services that are used by event planners who partner with EventMobi:

App Concierge

Need a dedicated support contact for your event app questions and project timelines, available throughout the entire event lifecycle? EventMobi’s App Concierge service provides you with a go-to Project Manager who will help you keep your progress on track. Additionally, we will provide expertise for a smoother and more efficient workflow.

Full Data Management

Do you already know what content you want to include in the event app but you just don’t have the time to upload it all yourself? If you’re strapped for time, our Full Data Management Service has got you covered so you can focus on the other parts of your event. Just send us your event app data and our team will load it in. Additionally, we’ll optimize the layout and design of the information in your app so that it aligns with your event brand.

If you’re just looking for a starting point and would rather tailor the design yourself or add more content in later, then our Initial Data Upload service is just for you. We put it into the app so you can build off it when you’re ready to start.

Custom App Promo Video

When our customers need an eye-catching way to promote their event app or provide instructions on how to use it, they turn to our Custom App Promo Videos. You provide us with the messaging and our team personalizes the video with your event app design. It’s a great way to get your attendees excited about your event and familiar with your app.

Customer Widget Design

For even more custom event app services, our Custom Widget Design service will create stunning graphics for your app’s home screen, resulting in a truly unique brand experience that breaks the mould.

Integration Services

If you have your data hosted on another platform or management system, our Integration Services can be a huge time-saver for you by importing the data directly into your app. It’s a great and convenient way to have your data sync across two platforms.

Onsite Event Support: The Most Popular Professional Service For Event Planners

The most popular Professional Service requested time and time again is our Onsite Support. EventMobi’s Onsite Support provides a dedicated Onsite Support Specialist at your event to help you run a smooth experience. We’ve even earned a Stevie Award two years in a row for our level of customer service and commitment.

What Makes Onsite So Great

1. Onsite Event Support Specialists Are Event App Experts

It’s not hard to imagine why this service is so popular with our customers and event planners in general. Having someone who knows the ins and outs of the app at your live event has proven time and time again to be immensely valuable for event planners.

Our specialists aren’t just knowledgeable about event apps—they’re specifically knowledgeable about YOUR event app. While all of our support staff are EventMobi platform experts, your onsite support rep will know how you want your app to work. They will help you achieve your goals with your app in the context of the event. Every event is different, so they’ll be armed with the details of what makes yours unique. The customer support you receive is just as tailored and unique as your event.

2. We’re There When You Need Us

One of the more obvious conveniences is the real-time presence whenever you need it. Rather than contact our support email or phone number, you can get in contact with your support rep right away with any on-the-fly decisions and questions. This is especially valuable for events in different time zones since you don’t have to worry about being caught outside of operating hours during your event.

3. It’s Easier to Drive Event App Adoption

Even the mere presence of an EventMobi rep is enough to promote the app on site and drive up app adoption rates. After attendees check-in or register at the event, they can be directed to the eye-catching EventMobi banner. Our  Onsite Support Specialist can help them get set up on the app if they haven’t already yet. Who better to evangelize your event app and get attendees interacting with it than an EventMobi Specialist?

4. We Do The Heavy Lifting

Speaking of interacting, your onsite support rep can also help manage many of the interactive event tech elements at your event. They’re there to not only answer questions, but also to help with troubleshooting any technical hiccups you might run into. Common issues that come about are performing timely app changes to gamification challenges, surveys, Q&A sessions, and polls.

An Onsite Success Story

Taking it Overseas

As an EventMobi Support Specialist, I was requested to go onsite for a customer’s event in Shanghai, China. Up until this point, I had only ever provided onsite support at North American events, so this would be an exciting challenge.

Barring the language barrier and any potential culture shock, the event planner who created the app content and design was based in the US and would not be attending. So, I was sent to represent the planner and connect with an entirely new local team. During the event, I was the main support for the local team on site and also needed to provide updates to the main planner in the US.

Training Day

One of my first tasks was to make sure that the local team was trained on how to use the event app. This was important for a few reasons; the most obvious being the language barrier. I needed to make sure that the translator was able to understand me and communicate to the events team about how to use the app.

This was critical because if everyone knew how to use the app and had it on their phones, it would make it easier to promote the app to attendees. Everyone on the team would be engaged as an advocate. It’s a bit like a chain reaction—the more event staff members that are on the app, the more people they can tell about the app, and it just builds from there.

Event Gamification

The event also had some unique aspects to it in terms of app use. The customer implemented an event app game where participants were awarded points for attending sessions. They could also gain points by visiting certain sponsor booths and receiving codes to get points.

Part of this involved gradually rolling out the challenges in the event app itself in order to create more anticipation. The strategy worked like a charm. Attendees soon caught on that more chances to earn points would be available over time, and it wasn’t long before the question I got asked most was, “Where do I get more points??”

Since the event planners themselves had their own main priorities to attend to during the event, it was my job to ensure a great game experience for the participants. Among other things, I scheduled the release of the challenges and promoted the event app to other attendees.

Event Analytics

Aside from helping out the local event staff, I created reports on the session attendance and game participation. These reports helped the US planner measure the amount of attendee engagement and overall success. It was also interesting to be at an event where the person who created the event app wasn’t on site. Being their eyes on the ground was something the planner really appreciated.

In Conclusion

Our entire suite of Professional Services at EventMobi can help boost your event app experience no matter whatever your situation calls for. While our award-winning customer service through phone, email, and online channels can cover any challenge that may arise, nothing can replace the value of having an actual app expert at your event. Having On-Site Support means having the peace of mind in knowing who to go to for assistance when you need it.