Achieve Event Planning Success: Why Technology Needs to be in Your Critical Path

Every planner knows that an event is a meticulously constructed project with each detail. They are then hour mapped and planned weeks, months, and even years, in advance. Event planning success is most easily achieved by utilizing project management tools. Gaant Charts and Critical Paths are standard, but a key aspect often overlooked that will help you be even more successful is incorporating event technology into your project plans.

The Customer Success Team at EventMobi is here to share some tips on how you can incorporate technology into your event planning process. They are experts in creating a critical path to ensure you make the most of your tools, have a smooth implementation, and maximize onsite engagement.

Event Planning Begins with Your App

Before you get started on your app, it’s important for your team to discuss your event objectives. It’s important to understand and plan out how your technology will help you achieve your goals. Are you looking to increase engagement onsite? Encourage and enable attendee networking? Gather feedback and insight into the event experience? By understanding what you’re looking to achieve and how specific technology can help get you there, you can ensure that you incorporate the planning and development for that functionality into your overall plan.

After your team has an understanding of the functionality you’re looking to use, the EventMobi Customer Support Team is here to help you get rolling and ensure you have a seamless experience in developing your app. In addition, we have many self-serve options such as on-demand training resources and a knowledge base where you can find quick answers to common questions.

You’ll want to incorporate training and onboarding into your critical path or event plan. We recommend reviewing the training resources a few weeks before you’re ready to start creating your registration page or building your app.

Division of Work

Another important discussion your team should have at the beginning of your event planning is to figure out who is going to be responsible for what aspects of the technology. Some teams will dedicate an individual to building out their technology, while others will delegate the work based on specific roles and functions within their team.

With our Experience Manager platform, it’s easy for you to add multiple administrators so that you can all work in parallel to bring your technology to life. Consider who on your team is most appropriate to manage the following areas and delegate accordingly based on these roles:

  • Data Management (Agenda, Speakers, Attendees)
  • Branding and Promotion
  • Revenue and Sponsorship
  • Engagement (Polling, Gamification)

Our Critical Path template provides tabs for each of these responsibilities so it’s easy to divide and up the work amongst your dream team!  

Branding and Marketing Your Event Tech App

It’s likely that your marketing and brand management team has a host of creative assets that can be leveraged on the event app. Ensuring your brand flows throughout your onsite and digital experience will make your event technology feel like an integrated part of the overall event. For this reason, it’s important to identify the specific brand assets required for the event app.

We’ve got helpful resources that can be shared with your marketing team detailing important things like graphic dimensions.

Onsite Considerations

You’ll also want to chat with your team about how the features and technology you’re planning on using onsite will influence the flow of your event, and if there are any conflicts or challenges that can be resolved beforehand.

For example, attendees at the event are likely to have questions about your technology. Will you have staff at registration available to assist? Will volunteers be trained on how to use your app? How will you prepare your speakers and AV team to facilitate session polling?

The EventMobi Customer Support Team is always available to provide best practices based on your specific use case, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

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The EventMobi Critical Path

Based on the functionality of our platform, we’ve put together an easy-to-use and customizable event planning critical path that can be incorporated into any other event processes and documentation you may be using.

The EventMobi Critical Path documents the information your team will need to collect throughout the planning process, and allows you to set a due date, assignee and update the status of each task.

As your event approaches and you’re finishing plan the last touches, you’ll want to ensure that your team is on board and on the same page for which event app features you’ll be using to achieve your event goals. This will help you ensure that your technology is weaved throughout your critical path to create an optimal event experience.

Need more tips for how to create your Critical Path?

It’s great to plan ahead, but last minute changes often come up. We’ve got tips on how to help prevent these from happening.


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