3 Ways to Amplify Brand Loyalty at Your Events

One of the most important aspects of your attendees’ experience is engaging with your organization. Whether your organization is a non-profit association or multinational corporation, ensuring consistent and compelling event branding should always be one of your guiding stars when it comes to designing a top notch event experience for your attendees to amplify your brand loyalty.

Consistently branding your event at every stage of the event lifecycle, all the way from pre- to post-event, is the key. It helps you build a meaningful relationship with your attendees that will ultimately keep them coming back to your events.

And as an added benefit, the positive interactions they have with your brand will empower them to share their experience within their own network, helping to grow your brand further, and keep them coming back every year.

Here are a few tips on how to strengthen brand loyalty through your events:

1. Engage your clients as speakers

Go beyond just having your clients attend your event. Take it a step further in engaging and leveraging them as speakers. Not only are you helping turn your clients into opinion leaders, attendees also benefit greatly because they get to learn from their peers on how they achieved success. Listening to how your brand helped other people solve their challenges will likely convince other attendees to explore your products and/or services.

2. Deliver exclusive in-person brand experiences

One of the most impactful benefits to using in-person events as a marketing tool is the ability to provide truly unique experiences that attendees wouldn’t have had the chance to experience anywhere else.

From augmented reality to creating an immersive and tactical sensorial experiences, there is so much potential to play upon your creativity and imagination. As long as there is a clear connection to your event brand, providing unique in-person brand experiences where attendees enjoy themselves will strengthen attendee brand loyalty for years to come.

3. Create better events using attendee feedback

Branded events are an incredible platform for getting your attendees involved at all stages of the event lifecycle, from pre-event to post-event. If attendees feel like they have a say and their voice will make a difference, they will be much more likely to trust your brand.

Distributing a survey to registrants, or gathering feedback during registration, is a great way to gain insights into the needs and wants of your attendees. Things like topics they want to hear about, speakers they’re interested in seeing, and even preferences for food & beverage can make a real impact on brand loyalty.

For ideas on how to amplify your event brand at each stage of the event lifecycle, don’t miss this webinar!


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