ASAE Annual Meeting Will Bring $16M to the City of Toronto

When the American Society of Association Executives ASAE annual meeting comes to Toronto next month, it will generate an estimated $16 million for Toronto. That’s 17,800 hotel room nights booked in downtown Toronto — a major boon for Toronto’s hotel industry.

The ASAE Annual Meeting will be held in TorontoBut it’s not just local hoteliers that benefit from the city hosting large events such as this one. When delegates travel to Toronto for a meeting, the economic impact is far-reaching. They take taxis, eat at restaurants, and tour the city’s sights. They buy gifts, and return to explore the city with friends and family on vacation. Last year, the economic impact of all meetings held in Toronto was $3.1 billion.

ASAE Annual Meeting is the Super Bowl of Conventions

Known as the “Super Bowl of Conventions,” ASAE and the Center for Association Leadership’s Annual Meeting and Exposition is the flagship conference and trade show for associations and not-for-profit organizations in the United States. Of the association’s more than 30,000 members, 5,000 are expected to attend the ASAE annual meeting.

While participants come from 23 countries and all 50 states, Toronto is the only city outside of the US that ASAE annual meeting organizers have ever selected as host city.

It’s a huge honor, and one Toronto also enjoyed in 2009.

Meetings Mean Business

So why does every major city want to host the ASAE annual meeting? Besides the room nights and immediate economic impact, hosting an event of this magnitude helps raise the profile of the city in the minds of the event’s delegates.

It’s a double whammy when the event attendees have significant buying power. Of the 5,000 association professionals attending the meeting, 19% are CEOs and Executive Directors, 13% are C-level and Vice-Presidents, and 50% hold Manager/Director titles at trade and professional associations and philanthropic organizations.

Nearly 80% of attendees are final decision makers or have significant influence. What that means is the ASAE annual meeting attendees have the authority to bring their own association’s events to Toronto — and an estimated 20% will.

Toronto Comes Alive The opening reception for the ASAE Annual Meeting will be held at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

While the event will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, ASAE annual meeting event attendees will see some of Toronto’s most impressive venues in the evening. The Royal Ontario Museum will be on display for the opening night reception. The ROM was rated one of the 15 most beautiful museums in the world by Conde Nast Traveler last year. Cabana was selected for the ASAE Foundation’s The Classic event. Located at Polson Pier, Cabana will give event attendees an incredible view of Toronto’s iconic skyline. Roundhouse Park will be the venue for the closing reception. Organizers aim to show off the country from coast-to-coast in a Canada 150-themed celebration. 

For a full list of ASAE events in Toronto, click here.

As the city prepares to host ASAE and The Center for Association Leadership August 12-15, 2017, we hope you’ll join us in welcoming the event delegates to Toronto!

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