The Best Virtual Event Platform for 2021: Introducing the New EventMobi Virtual Space

Over the past ten months we have witnessed the complete digital transformation of live events.

While no one can dispute the impact of face to face meetings, virtual events have opened new opportunities and in many ways have created a new medium for organizations to communicate with and engage their employees, customers and members.

Watch this message from EventMobi CEO Bob Vaez in video format:

This past year was stressful and experimental for all of us, but it also offered incredible opportunities for creativity and innovation as we learned what makes virtual attendees tick. Many planners now realize virtual events can be more efficient with faster turnaround times and dramatically higher attendance – making them a viable long term strategy that is here to stay.

After running 150,000 hours of virtual events on the EventMobi platform and working closely with our customers throughout the planning process, we could clearly see patterns of success emerge.

1.  Reimagining a new experience built for online viewership, rather than trying to mimic an in-person conference: We saw successful events utilize a mix of broadcast quality livestreams with engaging live hosts, various small interactive sessions, one-on-one and group networking opportunities along with video on demand allowing attendees to experience content in a brand new way at live events. All within one single platform!

2. Successful events leveraged great visual design and a compelling video experience by investing in their livestream production and custom designing a virtual platform unique to their brand and event.

Today, as we are getting ready to launch the all new EventMobi virtual platform, I am excited to celebrate the hard work of our engineering, production and event success teams along with the ingenuity and creativity of our customers this past year.

Our vision for your online and hybrid event success centers around the following key principles:

1. Design

A new modern and visually exciting Virtual Space that offers you total control with the new Home Page Designer.

  • Create custom Virtual Space designs in minutes that your attendees can navigate with ease
  • Use all our features, home page widgets and your creativity to build that unique event experience for your next virtual event, while showing off your brand and sponsors in style
  • An easy-to-use solution that requires no coding skills

2. Analytics

One of the most advanced live event analytics that not only tells you who attended and what they were interested in, but what content was most engaging so you can segment your audience based on their actions and intentions.

  • Attendance: Who has attended your virtual event and when?
  • Interest: What is each person interested in and where are they navigating around your Virtual Space?
  • Attention: How much attention are they paying and how much of a live stream or video on demand have they watched?
  • Intent: Create cohorts of intent for each user based on interest and attention

3. Networking & Engagement

At EventMobi, we believe there is a deep connection between session format, engagement features and flexibility to network in three different states: a) 1-on-1 with another attendee, b) while a live stream is in progress and c) within an intimate interactive session where everyone has their video and audio enabled. To heighten the impact of networking and engagement within the EventMobi platform we will be improving: 

  • Networking in group settings
    • Our revamped Group Discussion feature allows for richer engagement and increases the number of topics or groups that can be active on the platform
    • We are launching a brand new native Group Video Meetings feature, enabling interactive sessions directly within the EventMobi platform – no external tool required
    • We will continue to build upon the success of integrating with other video conference tools like our easy-to-use Zoom integration
  • Networking and engagement within a session
    • We will improve our Live Session Chat by enabling sharing links, and allowing attendees to click on a profile and launch private conversations from the live stream chat session
  • One-on-one networking
    • We will continue to improve how 1-on-1 video meetings are booked and conducted to increase connection rate and experience

4. Automation

The ability to automate your virtual event management by pre-programming your live, simulive or on-demand content.

  • Customers will be able to pre-set the visibility of on-demand videos and video conference links to attendees. This will create a more real-time feel while simplifying the planning process for organizers
  • We are introducing native hosting of videos within the EventMobi platform, which means planners will no longer to rely on external tools and licenses
  • Planners will have the option to pre-program simulive experiences. This means pre-recorded content will stream at a pre-set time, totally automating the process for organizers

5. Production

Brand new design, video and production services to help you create compelling and engaging sessions.

  • We are introducing new services to improve the live experience, such as animated backgrounds, post event summary videos, sizzler videos to introduce and market the event, and more
  • We are also increasing our team size as we are seeing a higher demand for professionally produced virtual event experiences
  • By teaming up with top tier AV and production partners, we are enabling live stream production globally and across time zones

6. Hybrid Events

Empowering you to successfully combine in-person and online experiences.

  • We are preparing the platform to distinguish between remote vs in-person attendees
  • Planners will be able to offer different programs for each attendee type while keeping engagement and shared experiences on the same platform
  • We will further improve features that promote shared experiences, such as Live Display and Q&A
  • We will ensure attendees can distinguish who is on site and who is online to improve networking features

More Features, New Lower Pricing

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Not only we are thrilled to announce a series of new features and improvements to EventMobi, we have also reduced our single event pricing.

To help more organizations lower the cost of event technology ownership and better facilitate a continuous communication strategy via online and hybrid events, we are excited to announce our new annual subscription pricing – so you can launch more events in 2021.

We will also continue to offer the EventMobi Community offering as EventMobi X365, which offers a year-round member space along with unlimited events throughout the year. This package provides customer communities and member-based organizations year-round access to their online community hubs, making it easy to communicate with and educate their audience, and facilitate networking anywhere, anytime.

Check here to see our new pricing packages!

To learn more about the new EventMobi virtual event platform and the release of these new features, reach out to your account manager.

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