Why EventMobi + Zoom is the Winning Combination for Virtual Conferences

Run interactive virtual conferences with EventMobi and Zoom!

Zoom has seen a huge rise in popularity during 2020, to the point where its name has become synonymous with video conferencing. So for many event planners looking for the right tool to host a virtual conference, Zoom is the first thing that comes to mind. But while Zoom offers the ideal infrastructure for running video meetings and webinars, in order to host a full virtual conference with complex agendas, attendee networking and sponsor visibility, planners need a more customizable virtual event platform. The good news is that event organizers who are already familiar and comfortable with using Zoom can now take advantage of Zoom’s new integration with EventMobi’s Virtual Event Space. As one of the first virtual event platforms, EventMobi is now available in the Zoom App Marketplace. This means planners can easily connect their Zoom account with EventMobi to deliver a seamless and user-friendly experience for their virtual conference attendees. Read on to discover the benefits of using EventMobi and Zoom to deliver engaging virtual conferences!

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5 Reasons for Running Your EventMobi Virtual Conference Sessions via Zoom

1. Stability

Zoom is one of the giants in the video conferencing market, relied on by millions of people around the world every day. This wouldn’t be possible without an extremely robust system that ensures stable connections even if a participant’s WiFi signal is weak. If you want to make sure your interactive sessions runs smoothly, choosing the market leader is a no-brainer.

2. Security

After a rise in ‘Zoom bombing’ in early 2020, the company took immediate action to update their security features. Since then, every meeting has certain options enabled by default, including password protection and a waiting room so hosts can admit attendees one-by-one. When using Zoom in combination with EventMobi, registered attendees will login automatically into your session with a single click, eliminating the need for admitting large numbers of attendees manually.

3. Variety of Session Types

When running virtual conferences, a mix of different formats is paramount to keeping attendees engaged. In addition to live-streaming presentations, why not mix it up with breakout sessions, roundtable discussions and group networking? Zoom is ideal for offering different formats where attendees can see and talk to each other and even collaborate on projects, e.g. by using virtual whiteboards.

4. Familiarity

Zoom is without a doubt the best-known video conferencing tool in the market, chosen by planners for 65% of sessions in the EventMobi Virtual Space. For planners, this has several advantages: Not only is it easy for them to be able to use a tool they already know, it also improves the experience for their attendees. Instead of having to learn how to use a new software, they can look forward to the ease of use and familiar features of the Zoom platform.

5. Branding

Zoom’s virtual backgrounds can be a playful way to brighten up a video conference or offer an easy icebreaker – but they can also work as a powerful branding tool. Simply upload a custom background with your organization’s logo, slogan and/or colors for additional brand exposure! For the best experience, sit in front of a green screen or blank wall when using Zoom backgrounds.

More than a Zoom Meeting: Creating Virtual Conferences with EventMobi

In order to deliver the full experience of a virtual conference, planners need to think beyond a simple Zoom meeting or webinar. You’ll want a beautifully branded home screen welcoming your attendees once they enter your virtual conference, a comprehensive event agenda, visibility for your sponsors, advanced networking tools, and more. The EventMobi Virtual Space offers all that – while allowing you to leverage all the benefits of Zoom, thanks to our new integration. Here’s three more reasons why EventMobi is the right choice for your next virtual conference:

1. Open platform

EventMobi’s open platform allows you to bring in the tools you already know and trust, saving you valuable time. While you can connect any video conferencing or live streaming software of your choice – Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, YouTube, Vimeo, Remo and more – the new integration with Zoom provides the best experience for planners and attendees. We also offer pre-built integrations with numerous registration and CRM tools, so your registrant data flows seamlessly into our virtual conference platform – no manual upload required!

2. Custom branding

The importance of branding for virtual conferences is often underestimated. Many virtual event platforms offer little more than a default user interface with your event logo in the corner. With EventMobi’s advanced customization features, you can build a completely unique home screen for your virtual conference and use your brand colors and fonts across the platform to create an immersive experience for your attendees that truly makes your brand shine.

EventMobi's GoLive! Services for Virtual Conference Livestream Production

3. GoLive! Production Services

Whether it’s your first virtual conference or you just want a helping hand – our GoLive! Services team is here for you. We will produce your live stream, including pre-recording content, briefing your speakers, running a tech check, managing the speakers and hosts in the green room, and enhancing your video content with branded title cards, lower thirds, logos and more. Plus, our GoLive! Services include the use of EventMobi’s Zoom license, meaning planners don’t need to purchase their own license.

How EventMobi & Zoom Streamline Your Event Experience

The new integration between EventMobi and Zoom is all about interactivity. While live streams are an important part of any virtual conference, it’s a best practice to mix one-way broadcasts with more interactive sessions. Facilitating networking in an online environment is still a challenge for many planners, and giving attendees the chance to see and talk to each other in breakout sessions or roundtables is a great starting off point to connect further. Here’s the top three ways in which EventMobi and Zoom ensure a smooth experience for attendees and planners alike:

1. Joining Zoom sessions with one click

For your attendees, it’s now easier than ever to join Zoom meetings directly from the conference agenda in the EventMobi Virtual Space. Thanks to the new integration, attendees’ names and email addresses are carried forward from EventMobi to Zoom, meaning it takes no more than the click of a button to join – no manual login required. This creates a seamless experience for your attendees and makes it easier to network as people will automatically join with their full names displayed.

2. Added security for event organizers

For planners, having attendees’ names and email addresses synchronized between both tools adds an extra layer of security. This way, they can easily identify each attendee and set up breakout sessions in advance, knowing the right people will be in the room. As each link is personalized, attendees cannot share them with outside parties. This is especially relevant for conferences with paid tickets and internal company events.

3. Connecting complex agendas easily

Virtual conferences often have extensive agendas with concurrent sessions. Planners who use Zoom in combination with a virtual event platform that’s not listed in the Zoom App Marketplace would have to copy and paste meeting links back and forth between both tools. This is not only time consuming, but also prone to errors, requiring planners to frequently double-check their work. Thanks to the integration between EventMobi and Zoom, organizers can simply connect their accounts and link their sessions by choosing the relevant meeting from a dropdown.

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