Celebrating the Incredible Impact of Events and Meetings: Happy #GMID2017!

Well it’s Global Meeting Industry Day! An entire day dedicated to celebrating the incredible impact that meetings and events have on people, businesses and the global economy.

As a company that helps empower event planners and marketers to engage, entertain and educate their event participants, we’re proud to be part of this amazing and impactful industry.

Whether it’s a conference, meeting, tradeshow, roadshow, gala, banquet or any other of the myriad of different events that are held, there is just no replacing the immeasurable impact of bringing people together face-to-face.

Happy GMID from EventMobi!

And there is a ton going on today around the globe to help celebrate! We’ve sent some of our Mobiers on the road to participate at a few of the over 10 Meeting Planners International (MPI) events that are happening at their various chapters.

In additional to being proud sponsors of the MPI Minnesota Chapter’s GMID event, EventMobi CEO Bob Vaez is speaking as part of an expert panel to over 250 attendees at the MPI Toronto Chapter event this morning, “Face-to-Face, No Matter the Place”.

If you’re looking for an event in your city, be sure to check out this great list of GMID events happening around the world.