Free Download Now Available: The 2015 Ultimate Guide to Event App Marketing

Event App Marketing DownloadEvent app marketing is your key to high usage and thus, a maximized return on investment. With an ever changing media landscape, you have to consider the ever changing attendee. Where are they? When do they start thinking about your conference? What message speaks to them? What goes are they trying to accomplish? Knowing your event is knowing your attendee now, and in the future.

Your 2015 Ultimate Guide to Event App Marketing does just that. This free tool is here to guide you through all the stages of marketing your event app!

  • Timelines
  • Media Channels
  • Messaging Style
  • Measuring Data and more

Consisting of feedback from over 5,000 event professionals around the world, we’ve worked diligently to bring you this concise, valuable guide we encourage you to read, share and help us improve. Now is the time to bring even greater value to your investment in meeting technology!

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