New Report: Attendee Engagement Data from 2,500 Events Showing Major Usage Increase

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Through the history of live events, organizers have used various methods to engage their attendees. From trade show attendees wandering show floors with stamped passports to keynote audiences with clickers in hand, the dynamics of events change over time.

As smartphones and tablets make their way into our day-to- day lives (and thus into events), is this shift any different from others we’ve seen in the past? Is this just another change event professionals have to face, like digitizing registration or event games? Does this require a fundamental change in how we think about engaging attendees?

To gain some insight, we extracted two years of data from over 2,500 professional meetings and conferences that took place around the world. We’ve also referred to industry partners to help break down the data into actionable insights.

Corbin Ball
Dahlia El Gazzar
Liz King
Michelle Bruno

Key Findings Include:

  • Overall event app usage increased from 2013 to 2014
  • During that time, there has been a massive increase in event app engagement.
  • The average attendee spent 5 minutes and 35 seconds using their event app in 2013 while in 2014, time spent on event apps more than tripled.

This report will explore the impact of increasing in-app engagement on face-to-face meetings.