Beyond the paperless agenda: Savvy event profs know event apps power engagement

When planners first started using event apps almost a decade ago now, they primarily used them as a paperless way to deliver the agenda and important event information to their attendees.


The conversations we were having as an event tech provider back then were more around what an event app was rather than how powerful it could be as an attendee engagement platform. But as adoption of event apps increased and both planners and attendees  became more comfortable using them, things changed.

Now event professionals are focusing more on how they can leverage event technology to support the entire event experience from start to finish. In a recent report by Forrester Research, “Increase The Payoff For B2B Events With Digital Immersion”, analyst Laura Ramos suggests that event planners and marketers should leverage mobile apps to “augment speaker-centric monologues with more engaging dialogue”.

She focuses specifically on three different ways planners can accomplish this:

  • Helping attendees network, solve problems, and meet experts.
  • Generating references, referrals, and testimonials.
  • Encouraging attendees to comment on event content in real time.

Ramos goes on to say that “B2B marketers excel when they integrate digital technology into every aspect of attendees’ event experience — from initial event marketing to communications long after the last attendee leaves.”

The fact that we see our clients increasingly expand their event app usage to include the approaches that Ramos mentions provides further support for this notion. Functionality like activity feeds, event live display, polls and surveys, direct messaging and notifications are more the norm than exception for the event professionals we work with.

Be sure to read the full report for more insight on how transformative event technology can be for the event experience. We are currently offering the report for limited time as a complimentary download from our website.