EventMobi & Apple Pay: Simplifying Online Event Registration and e-Commerce at Conferences

With the recent announcement by Apple, taking online payment for event registration is about to get a whole lot easier. Making registration for your conference as easy as possible is a great start to creating an amazing event experience for your attendees. And with more attendees receiving your registration email invites on their mobile devices, this will allow for faster signups right from their laptops, phones or tablets on the spot. Attendees can quickly complete the registration and payment process without having to reach in their wallets and yanking out their credit cards.


To help with this, EventMobi will be enabling Apple Pay and simplifying the online and mobile event registration process, helping you sell more tickets faster. Registrants will simply click the “Pay with Apple Pay” button on your event registration page, and with a quick finger scan on their mobile phone or a tap to their Apple Watch, their ticket purchase is confirmed and processed instantly!

Ticket Purchasing Across Devices Using Apple Pay


But wait, Apple Pay isn’t new, so what’s changed?

Apple Pay was launched in October 2014 but could only be used for purchases in select apps and retail stores. With Apple’s latest announcement, starting this fall your attendees can seamlessly purchase their event tickets online and potentially purchase items from your event app at the conference, right from their phones, tablets or laptops with a single touch.

Why should I enable Apple Pay for my event registration website?

Seamless Mobile Ticket Purchasing

Enabling Apple Pay for your registrants means you’re offering a quicker and more enjoyable checkout process. Simpler is better. This will lead to a faster signup process and higher completion rates and is especially critical for event registration forms completed on mobile devices.

In addition, registration is one of the first points of contact between your attendees and your event. If you can make the registration process simple, convenient and modern, you’re setting the tone for your event, and putting the attendee experience first.

How will Apple Pay affect the future of payments at events?

Beyond enabling Apple Pay on your online event registration page, this seamless payment process can in the future be used to process any type of event payment across any digital interface, wether on your event app or conference website.

Imagine this. Your attendees are in your general session, where you’re hoping to collect donations for your organization’s CSR efforts. Trying to mobilize your attendees to donate in that given moment results in a fumbling of wallets and credit cards. It’s a nightmare scenario and not one that will incite people to donate. But with EventMobi’s event app and Apple Pay, your attendees can make a donation with a single tap on their smartphone. It doesn’t matter if your attendees are on the web, desktop or native version of EventMobi, if they are using an Apple device, they will be able to seamlessly take part.

Trying to increase your engagement at silent auctions and ease the process of collecting payments? What about selling merchandise, food vouchers, or tickets for after parties? These too can all be done with a single tap on a smartphone.

It’s only a matter of time before event planners unlock these possibilities, and the team here at EventMobi can’t wait to get to work to showcase and enable that potential for you and your events in the near future!

Curious how EventMobi can simplify your event management, and overall event experience for your attendees, speakers and sponsors? Take a peek at one of our upcoming webinars or take us for a quick spin with a 14-day free trial, or just get in touch for a one-on-one demo… we can’t wait to show you what makes us and over 10,000 event professionals excited every day.