EventMobi Hits the Slopes for SkiMobi 2018!

When the holidays end and winter is at its peak with grey skies every day, it’s easy for offices to fall into a bit of a lull around the office. But at EventMobi, fun and excitement take place all year round, especially during wintertime when we have our annual SkiMobi. No winter blues here!

What is this amazing sounding event, you may be asking? Providing opportunities for Mobiers to get to know each other better and exchange ideas is a big part of the EventMobi culture. SkiMobi started last year, as a way to get away from the office, clear our minds, and have fun with fellow Mobiers. Every Mobier gets the day off to go skiing, snowboarding, relax in the spa – you name it! And for those who need transportation to and from, we arrange that as well.

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of organizing SkiMobi. This year our venture out was to Blue Mountain. This location is perfect because it has such a large variety of activities for snow lovers and snow bunnies. And having access to our own event app technology, we decided to develop an app just for SkiMobi!  

SkiMobi - Event App

The event app contained the day’s Agenda, all the way from what time to meet at the office in Toronto to when the bus leaves Blue Mountain to head back home. This was really helpful because we all split up into groups to do different activities throughout the day.

As an organizer, I also took advantage of Gamification. We developed a bus game challenge to get everyone pumped up on our way to Blue Mountain (in addition to all the coffee!). On the bus, everyone was placed into one of four teams. The goal was to find as many EventMobi themed items, pictures, and apparel as possible to collect points. The team with the most points received extra cash to spend during the trip.

SkiMobi - EventMobi gear


Another really great feature of the app was the Map. There were various meet up points during the day, such as the Kaytoo Restaurant for dinner. A lot of Mobiers had never been to Blue Mountain before, so it was really helpful to have the exact address and map of the area on the event app.


And last, but definitely not least, is the Activity Feed feature. This was my favourite part of the event app. Throughout the day, Mobiers posted messages and shared images. This helped keep everyone engaged and connected. Each group was doing something different but with the activity feed, we could see what everyone was up to and what kind of fun they were having.

SkiMobi - Mobiers Vander and Bruno hit the top of the slopes at Blue Mountain during SkiMobi
Mobiers Vander and Bruno hit the top of the slopes at Blue Mountain during SkiMobi
SkiMobi - Mobiers after a tubing run
Mobiers after a tubing run
skimobi - rope swing
Taking advantage of the rope swing at the spa inside Blue Mountain Village


SkiMobi - Après Ski
Après ski: the perfect way to wind down after SkiMobi

It was an amazing day and an absolute pleasure to organize. We issued a survey afterwards through the event app and received some great feedback:

It was an awesome day and I had a chance to hang and chat with people I don’t normally get to interact with.”

SkiMobi was so relaxing! I got great team bonding time with a small group who I would normally not hang out with.”

That seemed to be the theme of the day – enjoying getting out of the office and spending quality time together. How many workplaces can say they value that, and actually live that value?

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