EventMobi Product Tips: 3 Simple Steps To Launch Your Event App and Company Pages

Product Tips for a Seamless App Launch

Last month, EventMobi announced new options for app delivery following Apple’s updated guidelines. With the addition of the EventMobi App and Events Pages, we want to share some product tips on how easy it is to prepare your events and pages, and seamlessly launch them to your attendees.

In a few easy steps, you’ll go from loading in your event’s content, to engaged, happy and connected attendees.

EventMobi Product Tips for Events Pages

Product Tip #1: Look At Your Event Portfolio

The first step in launching your events within the new EventMobi app is to take a look at your annual event portfolio. Are you planning a single, recurring event each year? Do you manage a series of roadshows? How many events are you looking to launch an app for?

With our Event App, you can either have your attendees launch into a single event, or a customizable and branded page for all of your companies events which helps keep your event participants in the know on current events, promote and drive registration for upcoming events, and provide access to information from past events.

Both options provide your attendees with easy to access entry to all of your events, and determining whether a single event or company page works better for you is something our team is happy to chat with you about!   

Product Tip #2: Review App As You Go

Customizing your app, loading in your event content and making changes is an easy process using EventMobi’s content management system.  However, with the introduction of the EventMobi App and Pages, you can access your app during the entire build process to preview your content and review with any necessary stakeholders. There is no submission or approval process, it’s ready to review and launch as soon as you are!

You can check it out on the web or download it from the app stores. We recommend previewing and testing the app using the delivery method you plan to use with your attendees. This will help you get familiar with your app’s content and how attendees will be downloading and accessing it which is helpful for any troubleshooting or support you may provide onsite!

Product Tip #3: Launch To Your Attendees

You’ve chosen your app configuration, loaded in your content and now you are ready to launch. With the EventMobi App and Pages we’ve made it simple to get your attendees to your app or page in a few simple steps using our Smart Launch Pages.

Simply have your attendees visit apps.eventmobi.com/app/code in their internet browser where the code will either be for your specific event or company page. From here, your attendees will reach the Smart Launch Page which will provide them with a description of the app and your branding and give them the option to either launch through their browser or download from the app store.

When downloading from the App Store, they’ll be taken to the EventMobi App listing and when downloaded launched straight into your Events page. Just like that! In a few easy steps they’ll be viewing your event content and actively engaging with your event.

To communicate these steps to your attendees, we’ve created a distributable access guide which walks them through these steps for both a single event and your Events Page. Our support team can also customize a one-page document for you using your app branding and screenshots.

We’re Here To Help

While you’re getting started and throughout the entire build and launch process the EventMobi support team is here to help! Feel free to reach out through email, phone or our Live Chat if you have any questions or would like additional product tips. We’re ready to help you share your event technology with your attendees and plan for the best event yet!

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