EventMobi Staff Win Two Global Event Industry Awards

We absolutely love working with established industry organizations thanks to their relentless pursuit of education and moving the event industry forward with new ideas, practices, and technology. So when those organizations turn around and recognize our team’s mission, we get a little flustered and blush.

Courtney Stanley and.....
Courtney Stanley, EventMobi and Michael Dominguez, MPI Chairman.

Courtney Stanley
2014 MPI Chairman’s Award Winner

Awarded the 2011 MPI RISE Award for Young Professional Achievement, Courtney was recognized early on by MPI as an up-and-comer, a future leader, and a professional who would make an impact on our industry.

Today, we’re excited to see Courtney receive the 2014 MPI Chairman’s Award. As MPI Chairman Michael Dominguez explains, “I’m always amazed when I talk to emerging leaders. That age group doesn’t see obstacles. If they want to write a book, they write a book. If they want to change the world, they change the world. It makes me sit back and reflect because the longer we’re in a business, we sometimes forget why we got in it. Courtney truly was an inspiration for me year-round.”

Not one for the spotlight, Courtney was humbled by the recognition, “This is a moment that proves that we, as members, have the opportunity to change the industry, and a responsibility to do so. Our industry has the power to impact the way people meet, the way people learn and influences our ecological footprint on a global scale. It’s inspiring to know we do in fact have a leadership team that encourages us to harness that power to work toward making the world a better place.”

Splitting her time between her native Michigan and EventMobi’s Toronto office, you can catch Courtney and the rest of the team at IncentiveWorks on August 19 & 20.

Meet EventMobi

Bob Vaez, CEO
2014 M&IT Hall of Fame Inductee

Bob Vaez, EventMobi CEO, Industry Innovator award winner.
Bob Vaez, EventMobi CEO, Industry Innovator award winner.

When Bob Vaez entered the industry in 2009 as an engineer with a sore back, he realized that the heavy tote bag he was carrying around a trade show floor was actually an opportunity. It truly gave new meaning to “pain point”.

Learning the industry through association conferences and meeting seasoned event planners, Bob was able to establish EventMobi as a new solution to an age-old problem. Following this trend of solving challenges with technology, Bob has grown EventMobi to provide networking tools, engagement features, and various other tools that enhance the value of face-to-face meetings.

Today, we’re excited to see Bob recognized and inducted into the M&IT Hall of Fame alongside past inductees including Doreen Ashton Wagner, Nicola Kastner, CMP, CMM and Trevor Lui. Recognized for introducing EventMobi’s unique technology to the industry, Bob has always focused on meetings and events first, technology second. This laser focus has allowed Bob to guide EventMobi into becoming the most widely used event app worldwide.

As the official event app provider for the 2014 IncentiveWorks show, you can meet Bob and the rest of the team next week! If you’re based in Toronto, drop by our HQ at College & Spadina anytime.


Meet EventMobi