How to Determine if You Need a Multi-Event App

When to use an event app for multiple events

Our Customer Experience team works with clients of all sizes across a wide variety of event portfolios. While some organizations may only plan a single, stand-alone event once a year, many have an event portfolio that includes a variety of events throughout the year. To increase efficiency, many organizations are opting to publish a multi-event app. For event planners considering whether or not a multi-event app is the best solution for them, we are highlighting how this option makes it easy to promote, access, and share your event content.  

1. Increase registrations

Many events still measure their event success by the number of attendees they are able to register. One of the benefits of opting for a multi-event strategy is that it allows you to include upcoming events and link to your internal or external registration providers. What this means is that if an attendee downloads your app for a specific event, they can also see your full event portfolio. This might spark additional registrants or word-of-mouth advertising. Once registration has closed, this option can be easily removed..  

2. Centralize your event communication

With many events to manage and tools available for use, centralizing your event communication can actually help organize your portfolio and communication strategy. Instead of having to promote and launch standalone apps with different names, instructions, and content, you can launch a single event app for all of your organization’s events. This makes it easy to get your entire team onboard to help promote the app and ensures attendees get the right app downloaded.

3. Ease of use and flexibility

With changes to the Apple App Store policy last year, there has been a shift to publishing multi-event apps over single-event apps. EventMobi gives you the flexibility to easily add events without requiring resubmission to the stores. You can also choose to have a Feature Event, which can help with the promotion of specific events in your portfolio. When events are over, you can either have them removed or keep them in an archive of past events. Once it’s in the app stores, you have the flexibility to update all of the content inside which helps to keep things streamlined – for you and your attendees!

Best yet, we can help configure your multi-event app to launch directly into a single event within your listing. This means that your attendees will get easy access when they need it. It’s all about flexibility!

4. Keep events private

Now, you may be thinking…what if I don’t want all of my events to be visible and accessible to everyone? 

You can also opt to keep certain events within your multi-event app private and require a code for access. In doing so, you still achieve the same simplicity of managing and promoting a single event, but with the ability to only provide certain content to certain users.

5. Manage your brand

Keeping a consistent brand across your event portfolio may be important to you. By managing and customizing a single multi-event app, you can help match that image. Consider your roadshows, product launches, and annual events – all housed within a single location that allows you to promote your events and, at the same time, your brand, to potential and registered attendees.

While launching a single-event app may be preferable in many situations, considering how a multi-event app may factor into your event branding is a great way to centralize your communications, manage your brand, and make it easy to add and update events throughout the year.

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