The Best Parts of Sin City You’ve Never Heard of

Las Vegas is full of amazing live performances, incredible sites, exhilarating activities, and pretty much anything that resembles fun. However, with so many great options you don’t end up looking very hard for the brightest stars. In light of this fact, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best parts of Sin City that you won’t just happen across. Discover the less known parts of Las Vegas that are rich in history and ripe with entertainment.

Downtown Container Park



This one of a kind venue is perfect for everyone includes boutique shopping, unique dining options and live entertainment. As the name implies, the entire park is created with shipping containers but don’t let the humble assembly parts fool you. This open-air shopping and entertainment center filled with seven amazing restaurants and bars with premier shopping and free concerts and movie nights. The kicker is that after 9, the entire park becomes 21+ changing the atmosphere to more of an adult sanctuary.


Fremont St. (East)



It’s difficult to capture the scope of debauchery that is Fremont St. so you should probably just go. Lined with vintage hotels, filled with restaurants, bars, kiosks and buskers, and all capped by the largest projection screen in the world (1,500 feet in length). In addition to the stunning light shows happening above you, there’s also live entertainment every night on each of the three concert stages. Go for a zip-line or just enjoy some of the best people watching Sin City has to offer.


Atomic Liquors



Literally the oldest bar in Las Vegas, Atomic Liquors was founded in 1952 and run by Joe and Stella Sobchik until 2011 when they passed away and investors bought up the historic watering hole. It’s a bit out of the way but getting to experience this part of history is worth the walk. Getting its name from when blissful Las Vegas residents would gather, drinks in hand, and watch the nuclear mushroom clouds plume across the horizon. If the interior looks familiar it’s probably because you recognize it from the cameos in Casino and more recently The Hangover.


Gold Spike


This repurposed casino replaced the slot machines with wall-sized Connect Four, Operation, giant Jenga, and beer pong with trash can size cups. If all that sounds like a lot of work, settle into the outdoor couches and enjoy the live music.  This adult playground offers an entertainment experience you won’t find anywhere else on the strip.


Neon Museum



Vegas is known for going bigger and better but in with the new means out with the old. Luckily some of Las Vegas’ vibrant history is restored and preserved at The Boneyard in the Neon Museum. Housing over 150 of the some of the most interesting and memorable neon signs from the ghosts of Casinos past.Bask in the bright walk through history and take advantage of the city’s best photo backdrops.


Lion Habitat Ranch



The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino had a lion exhibit in 2012 and when they weren’t majestically on display they lived majestically on an 8.5 acre ranch just 10 minutes south of the strip. And they still live there! You can now visit the 40+ lions and play Trainer-for-a-Day, enjoy a Feast-with-a-Beast, or take a private tour.


The National Atomic Testing Museum



Another round for the history buffs! Just 5km from the Strip is the USA’s one and only official atomic museum. 10,000 square feet of nuclear history complete with interactive displays, exhibits of recovered equipment and short films about the past and present effect of nuclear testing. See the nuclear reactor that was used in the first nuclear rocket, Genie the first air-to-air missile, and personal atomic weapons like the Backpack Nuke and Davy Crockett Weapon System.

Inside The Cosmo: Cool Keepsakes & Secret Pizza



Inside the Cosmopolitan you can find repurposed old timey cigarette machines filled with cigarette sized one-of-a-kind paintings created by local artists. Get a unique keepsake and then head upstairs to find the hidden pizza place on the third floor. Serving New York-style pies, 24-hours a day.  But you’ll have to keep an eye out because there’s no signage. Hint: you have to walk down a vinyl lined hallway to get to it.


Pinball Hall of Fame


With over 200 working pinball games from all areas of pinball history, the Pinball Hall of Fame stands as a memorial to a pop culture phenomenon. Bask in nostalgia and relive fond childhood memories of fevered paddling, flashing lights, and flamboyant bells as you pinball your way to the high score.

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