Introducing Showcase™ by EventMobi

Over the past three years, mobile conference apps have gradually overtaken paper guides as the new norm for meetings and events. With more companies utilizing mobile event app technology for smaller meetings and even personal apps for VIP client visits, the latest challenge is keeping all those event apps organized and in the hands of the right people. Working closely with our existing clients, we’ve designed a brand new solution. It also happens to be FREE.

In order to easily manage your organization’s apps from past, current, and future events, EventMobi is introducing Showcase, a multi-event app gallery where all your apps can be found in one place. Simply directing all your attendees be it clients, members, or employees to a single, customizable app, they are presented with a schedule of events linking out to each event’s individual app. With one click, the event app downloads to their device. It’s that easy.

Because Showcase™ can be used on any smartphone, tablet, or even desktop computer, everyone can access your event apps in seconds. This allows employees or clients to browse the event schedule from the comfort of their desktop computer and later download the app to their smartphone for onsite use.

Of course not every meeting has to be shared with the world. You have total control over what is and isn’t visible. Unique to EventMobi, multiple Showcase™ apps can be created for one organization with information about client-facing meetings and another for internal use only. As well, all EventMobi apps have a separate Secure Mode option that can be enabled requiring authentication.

Not only does Showcase™ make it easier for employees and clients to find the event apps and information they need, Showcase™ acts as a valuable archive of knowledge collected from past meetings and conferences. Gone are the days of information overload. EventMobi’s new Showcase™ is one app for all your events.

How much does it cost? It’s free.

The new multi-event app solution comes with no extra costs and is offered to every EventMobi client with two or more event apps.

Showcase™ has been designed and implemented to cater to the needs of the EventMobi’s existing Enterprise clients which manage anywhere from 2 to 1000+ events each year. A transparent pricing structure and flexible payment schedule makes it easy for these global companies to experience the power and added value of an internal meeting app platform.