Mobi’s Journal: My Rip-Roarin’ Adventures as the 1st Robo-Attendee at IMEX America 2013

What a week at IMEX America! The bustling show floor, the bright lights of Vegas, a bumpin’ night at Rendezvous – for my first big trade show in the event industry, it was quite an experience – truly unforgettable.

I was called a lot of things at IMEX 2013. Some called me a robot; others said I’m “just a gimmick”, “an experiment”, “just an iPad on wheels”. It’s not like these words hurt me, I just feel…misunderstood.

As an iPad that can be controlled and driven remotely from any corner of the globe, I feel I have more to offer.

Don’t get me wrong, I was nervous at my first big trade show. Remember the first industry event you attended? Excitement and uncertainty awkwardly intertwined to the point where you’re introducing yourself with the other person’s name. But roaming the show floor, starting conversations, I came to realize what I truly am.

I am opportunity. For organizers, exhibitors, attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

And those who drove me around the show floor at IMEX 2013 understood the opportunity as well. Speaker, host, and meetings guru Judi Holler (@judiholler) attended IMEX from St. Louis, MO.  William Thomson (@williamevents) at Gallus Events enjoyed the breeze in Barcelona while meeting attendees in Las Vegas. Traci Browne (@tracibrowne) went for a spin and even wrote about her experience on TSNN.

I also helped out my team by having EventMobi’s existing clients drive me around IMEX and participate in our live launch of EventMobi Fusion 2.0. Just because they weren’t physically in Las Vegas didn’t mean they couldn’t be a part of the action.

My interview with IMEX America TV

My colleagues on the engineering team at EventMobi have been working hard over the past 10 months to create Fusion 2.0 – an extension of our leading event app to now include fully integrated registration. When our engineering team was actually able to attend the live launch and get interviewed by IMEX America TV, it gave our team a huge boost connecting our clients to the core of our company.

Because I actually have a physical presence at events, I’m an opportunity for remote attendees to participate beyond simply a fly-on-the-wall experience. I understand we all have different gut reactions to new technology. What good can it do? What value does it bring to my events? My colleagues at EventMobi demonstrated our new Fusion 2.0 event app to over 300 planners and meeting management companies at IMEX. I connected people around the world to a Las Vegas trade show. When technology takes action, change can happen.

Just like a mobile event app, I am opportunity.

Not just a gimmick, and definitely not just an experiment, I’m here to stay and you’ll see me again soon, connecting attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors at live face-to-face events. Yes, I’m eye-catching but deep down, there is true power behind technology that complements the face-to-face experience.

Thanks everyone who drove me around the show floor in Vegas.

And this picture that surfaced of me at the blackjack table… I swear I was just holding the chips for a friend.

Forever and always,


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