New feature updates through the summer!

We would love to share with you a few new features and upgrades on EventMobi:

  1. Direct Client Access
  2. Audience Response
  3. Interactive Mapping
  4. General Import/Export Upgrades

1)    Direct Client Access

Through the ‘Control Panel’ module, you can now give your clients access to edit their own event content on EventMobi.

Advantages: Your clients will have the ability to upload and modify their own event content, and this will reduce your communications overhead and give them full control over their app.

2)    Interactive Mapping

You can now link session rooms / exhibitor locations directly to your maps using our excel-import feature.

We’ve also integrated with ExpoCad, so if any of your clients are using ExpoCad for their floor plan mapping, you can easily import an ExpoCad file and EventMobi Auto-Magically creates an interactive map!

Advantages: This will make creating interactive maps a whole lot easier and puts you in full control of this feature.

3)    Audience Response

  1. We have made significant changes on our Audience Response module! Now you have the choice to include session polls, session ratings, and event surveys for your event! Session ratings can be star ratings and/or open-ended comments for your sessions.
  2. You now have the ability to export the raw data from session polls, ratings, and event surveys into an excel spreadsheet for detailed post-event analysis. In addition, you can force attendees to be logged in before they can respond to any polls and further track the specific response of each attendee.
  3. The Live Screen Display for live audience response is now sporting a new look & fell along with new opportunity to monetize the audience response module by creating a custom banner ad for live session polls.

We have a video that will explain all these upgrades in detail here: Watch the video

Advantages: You and your clients now have more opportunities to monetize the app, offer better engagement for your event, and archive all the raw data from these session polls, ratings, and event surveys.

4)    General Import/Export Upgrades

By compressing all your exhibitor logos and speaker pictures into a .zip file, you can now import all these files with a single click!

You are also able to export custom Self-Edit links from the excel export module. This allows you and your clients to use these links with email campaigns outside of EventMobi!

Advantages: These upgrades reduce data entry time and also offer multiple methods of communication with your attendees/exhibitors to populate their own profiles!


And if you need any help with instructions on how to use any of these features, you can always contact Stephanie at