Client Spotlight: How Carolyn’s Custom Event App Allowed Her to Engage Everyone

When Carolyn Keery of Economical Insurance was planning the 2014 Managers’ Conference: RETHINK Leadership!, her objectives included better attendee engagement, enhanced branding, and a better way to measure success. For Carolyn, an event app was the answer. She knew it would also provide a reprieve from the costly and cumbersome printed materials that her attendees had been saddled with in previous years.

From itineraries to speakers to floor plans, having to flip and back and forth through a printed guide to find event information created unnecessary hassle and confusion.

Rethink Leadership Event App Review

This year, with her app in every hand, “[attendees] always knew where they had to be without fumbling around for a paper agenda. The agenda linked nicely to the speaker bios and floor maps, which kept everyone on track and saved us from printing loads of paper.” For Carolyn, investing in technology and reducing her carbon footprint went hand-in-hand, making her leadership team more efficient.

Captivating her attendees was easy with her event app. Live session polls added a layer of interactivity that allowed attendees to go from watching a session to becoming an active part of the session experience. At the end of a session, attendees were able to comment on its content and take-aways right on the app. “We appreciate that findings were accurately compiled and charted, within the app, for future reference and follow-up”.

Rethink Leadership Speakers Event App Review

With managers and high-level executives in attendance, it was paramount that nobody felt left out. Because EventMobi mobile event apps are built on HTML5 technology, anyone with a smartphone and an internet browser could participate. After the initial download, attendees no longer needed an internet connection. “At the event, participants were using a variety of devices from older model BlackBerry’s to iPads.  The app worked seamlessly on all devices, without compromising the tools and functionality for any of the users, giving everyone the same information and the same experience no matter which device they were using. This was very important to us!”

It being Carolyn’s first event app with EventMobi, it was also important that creating and managing the content be intuitive and customizing the look and feel of her app be flexible and easy. “In terms of the setup,” Carolyn recounts, “[it was] so easy to load the app and . . . we used [the customizable options] to make it comply with our brand standards.”

“Finally, the service I received was exceptional! My Account Manager was wonderful to work with and she replied to my questions quickly and concisely.  In building the app, the technical experts were equally fantastic to work with, and offered suggestions to make the experience a formidable one.”

Rethink Leadership Menu Event App Review

For Carolyn, the app was a convenient way to disseminate information, updates, and other materials to all attendees, regardless of device, and to keep them engaged throughout the event. Having learned just how simple it is to create and successfully implement an event app, Carolyn had this to say: “I was blown away by EventMobi’s app and service, so naturally I am already looking for opportunities to use it again!”

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