EventMobi Virtual Space Platform


Learn about different broadcast, livestream and interactive session styles, and how to engage your attendees with Live Polls, Q&A and Gamification. See the best ways to enable online networking and grow your virtual community. We will also cover how sponsors can get maximum value so you can effectively monetize your event.

Experience how you as an event organizer can easily manage EventMobi’s Virtual Space and create a personalized experience by gating access to different content based on attendee type or ticket sold. And if you need to take your livestream production to the next level, tap into our GoLive! services to help with pre-recordings, speaker management, live attendee support, and livestream production on the day of your event.

This is your time to ask any questions—from pricing and packages, to how you can get started! After the webinar, we would be happy to book a 1-on-1 consultation and set you up with a free trial so you can build your own virtual space and share the experience with your team.


Event organizers who are planning a Virtual Conference or Online Event Series, and need to create a high quality branded and engaging virtual event experience. Regardless of whether you are looking for a self-serve or complete white-glove service, we have a package to help you host your next online event. Third-party resellers and event agencies, AV companies and content production houses are also invited to explore how the EventMobi platform can host their clients’ livestream or pre-produced video content within EventMobi’s branded, gated virtual event space.

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