The Top Factors to Consider When Purchasing Event Management Software

To help event planners and industry professionals better understand the path to purchase for event management software,  we conducted a survey this year asking about the common challenges faced during this process.  Below are some of the highlighted results that will help you as you explore purchasing event management software or if you’re interested in knowing how you compare against your industry peers.  

*The following data is based on results from a survey conducted by EventMobi in 2019. There were 108 respondents from organizations with less than $100M USD annual revenue.

Let’s start off with a breakdown on how much average budget event planners have for investing in event management software:

average annual budget for event technology

Here are the top 11 factors to consider when buying new event management software:

factors to consider when buying event technology

Although price and return on investment are important factors event planners consider when purchasing new event management software, they are not as important as other factors, such as ease of use. Even customer service is equally as important as the price tag. Factors that matter the most to event planners go beyond the actual event tech – it comes down to being able to make the event planning experience easier and more manageable.

Another factor that is of growing concern for event planners is security, brought on by GDPR and security breaches and mismanagement of data by big vendors. 

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challenges when buying event technology

When purchasing event management tools, the buying team is comprised of numerous departments throughout the organization. However, the Events team is ultimately the bigger buying driver than any other function, including Management. 

Alongside having enough budget, the second biggest roadblock to making a purchasing decision is not necessarily about the technology – it’s about getting internal buy-in from all the buying team stakeholders. 

The best way to get buy-in is to show the value an event app brings to your organization. For an overview of benefits, including cost savings, download our free ebook, How to Get Buy-In for Your Mobile Event App

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