Three Things to Do in Barcelona During IBTM

IBTM is just around the corner, and as EventMobi gears up to head to this event (we’ve been participating since 2012), we wanted to share some of our favorite things about Barcelona.

Many connect Barcelona to it’s fantastic architecture, the Sagrada Familia, the Ramblas, and of course the world famous tapas. Here are three things to see, do, and discover in Barcelona that you may not have considered yet:

Stay green

Barcelona designer Petz Scholtus and her business partner Maria Jose have opened one of the most amazing boutique hotels I have ever seen: yök Casa + Cultura. Originally from Luxembourg, Scholtus planned on opening a hotel for a while – but not any hotel. Being serious about sustainability, design, hospitality and the true Barcelona, the rooms reflect an incredible amount of attention to detail. From the mattresses to the tables to the kitchens, every details in their rooms is locally sourced and beautifully crafted. As a special idea, Scholtus recorded her own Barcelona audio guide, allowing you to experience a version of Barcelona you have never seen before.

Ditch the tapas, Pintxos are the way to goBarcelona

Everybody at EventMobi has an opinion about tapas. However, when we first tried Pintxos, we all agreed… this is fantastic! These small snacks, based on sliced bread and layered with many interesting toppings such as local cheeses, meats or fish, are held together by toothpicks. You just help yourself to as many as you wish, over a beer or two, but make sure to keep the toothpick. At the end of the night, the bartender will count the toothpicks and charge you based on the number of them. Looking for a place to try Pinxtos? I recommend Maitea.

Discover amazing local beers

EventMobi loves beer – no wonder we have two kegerators in our offices. Certainly, visiting the Moritz brewery downtown is a great start. But did you know that Catalunya has a vibrant scene of small breweries? Head down to La Cerveteca and ask the bartender to try some of the local brews. Personally, I’m a fan of Barcelona Craft Beer’s Cerdos Voladores.

Whatever you do in Barcelona, make it a unique experience. If you are looking for a unique Event App, stop by booth #O132 where we will be demonstrating EventMobi Advanced Designer – a unique tool that allows you to make your event app look exactly the way you’ll love it.