The Top Must-Know Event Tech Trends for 2018

Artificial Intelligence! Virtual Reality! Machine Learning! It seems like every year breathlessly brings a new crop of tools and products to tantalize event professionals and excite event goers. Whether they offer instantaneous communications, mind-blowing visuals, or promise to draw attendees into unimaginable new worlds, each new event technology trend promises to bring wonder and engagement to participants.

But savvy event professionals know how important it is to take a breath, temper their excitement, and look past the bling to see how well each year’s innovations will help achieve their event goals.


Doing their part to peek past the glitz and glamour in this year’s Trends webinar, Alison Grenkie and Martin Kuplens-Ewart discuss three challenges faced by event organizers today and discussed a variety of technologies – new and old – that help event professionals turbocharge their event success.

Event technology trend #1: Providing an engaging end-to-end event experience

Event professionals are under ever-increasing pressure to do more to deeply engage their participants. Constrained by time, budget, and personnel, working smarter is key.

Smart planners are reducing the need for expensive event staff by deploying connected digital signage, such as EventMobi’s LiveDisplay, which provide up-to-the-minute information about the agenda, provide added opportunities for sponsor recognition, and broadcast breaking updates to the entire venue.

Faced with a flood of questions from prospective attendees, registrants, and exhibitors, some event organizers are turning to Chatbots, which effectively address the most popular inquiries, leaving time to meaningfully engage with participants who have particular needs.

Just over the horizon, new technology for events is coming that help planners coordinate their onsite teams, providing real-time communication, active scheduling, and team training to ensure every staff member is in the right place at the right time with the right answers.

Event tech trend #2: Understanding and growing event impact

We frequently hear planners share that they struggle to see the bigger impact they have on their events. In addition, floods of stock feedback forms make opportunities for targeted improvement hard to see.

Data integrations are becoming ever easier as marketing automation and sales tracking tools mature, allowing planners to build event invitations from established contact lists and – critically – feed real engagement data back into the marketing and sales pipelines to enable those teams to build on the event’s success.

Advanced reporting functionality including audience profiling and segmentation enables planners to escape Excel hell and drill down into the patterns emerging at their events, evaluate the effectiveness of individual event elements, and trace feedback to individuals and their activity, enabling smarter decision making for future events.

Event technology trend #3: Delivering event information and engagement tools to audiences

Changes to Apple’s app review policy in 2017 gave the event technology industry a bad case of whiplash, with native apps for events surging one moment, then possibly eliminated the next. Thankfully, the situation was finally clarified in December.

All that excitement has resulted in some terrific innovations, offering to bring together the diverse event participants attend into a few easy-to-access apps.

Offerings such as our new EventMobi App provide a consolidated native experience for participants while giving organizations their own dedicated Events Page – a unique multi-event solution for participants on the go.

Reliable, offline-capable web apps have re-emerged as a popular option, giving participants the benefits of up-to-date event information and the full suite of engagement opportunities without the need to install an app.

And planners are benefiting from Apple’s requirement for apps to be listed by their own organization with unprecedented control over publication, promotion, and retirement of event apps.

In Conclusion

What will the 2018’s technology offer you? Deliver a more engaging, yet efficient, event experience. Help your participants get the most out of the tools to engage them. Dig into the insights your data can deliver.

To learn more about the technology for events discussed here, watch a recording of our most recent webinar.

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