Toronto Techfest: Is It Worth Going To?

If you work, are looking to transition, or trying to recruit top talent in the tech industry, then Techfest is definitely one of the best places to see and be seen.

If you’ve never heard of it before, Techfest is Canada’s leading tech career event organized and hosted by Techvibes. If you’ve never heard of Techvibes, it’s one of the leading digital destinations for technology, digital culture, and modern lifestyle content with writers from all over North America.

EventMobi has been a regular sponsor of Techfest over the past few years. We keep coming back because of the great results we see in recruiting local talent. We also enjoy the opportunity to spread the word about the fun and progressive company culture at EventMobi, in a fun and engaging event experience!

EventMobi at TechFest

This year, the event was held at Toronto’s Steam Whistle Brewing on January 18th with Big Brother Canada’s celebrity host, Arisa Cox, as emcee.

Arisa Cox at TechFest

Each sponsor had a couple of minutes to pitch their company, so our CEO Bob Vaez, couldn’t resist mentioning how much fun you could be having at CampMobi, one of EvenMobi’s annual company retreats!

Bob Vaez at TechFest

Annual retreats like CampMobi are such an integral part of EventMobi’s culture and values. So this year, we decided to design our booth to showcase how much fun (which is an official EventMobi value!) we have at our events.

Team EventMobi at TechVibes

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to work for a tech company that puts their employees first and not only talks the talk, but especially walks the walk, then be sure to check out EventMobi’s Career Page. We hope you have the opportunity to join us this summer at CampMobi!

EventMobi at TechVibes

(We also have our annual SkiMobi, which is taking place next month. Check out a video of last year’s event!)


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